Native app: why were reading and listening removed from the app?

I've been using linqvist to learn french and I loved the listening and reading exercises. With the new update, they seem to be gone. Please tell me you haven't taking them out! Are they coming back or do I have a bug in the app?

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This has happened to me as well, not happy about it at all.


Hi @mari and @KayAje, they are not part of the mobile app at the moment, but you can still access them if you open Lingvist in your mobile browser. We are planning to bring you reading and listening exercises in some form in the future.

@Marina-Shutova thank you for the reply! I hope they are coming back to the app too, they are the best part pf lingvist!

I am not using the mobile app, I am using either Firefox or Google Chrome and all I can see are the cards. No audio, no texts, absolutely nothing except grammar tips and flashcards! Is it broken, or has it all been removed for some reason? I'm not happy either. :(

I have this issue as well. Might have to start a new thread. I was able to access the reading & listening exercises in the web-app till yesterday. Somehow, seems to have been lost this morning.

@Nitin I have the same problem. There are not texts in the reading and listening sections. Tested with Google Chrome and Windows 8.1

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Ya, my reading and listening lists on PC are gone as well.


@jay, @Nitin, @Юрий, your question is indeed different, as you are referring to the webapp. Both sections are live again.

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