App switched me to a different course

  • When I opened my Lingvist application on ipad today everything was is in Russian (I do French course from English). So I uninstalled and restarted my ipad, then installed Lingvist again. There was still Russian version. I did it again (unistall-restart-install) three times with no result. What should I do? Yesterday everything was OK.

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  • This post is deleted!

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  • I have Lingvist, version 2.0 for iPad. Last update 23.11.2016,

  • I did it today. I logged out and saw English version again, but not entirely. I mean I have the home page in English, but for example when I move a mouse above the filling gap the Russian word appears - magic. And I remember that English version was "richer". There was a daily achievement sign and I cound have seen counting from 50 to 1. The dictionary was better. In current version there are many mistakes. There is no listening and reading part.
    I always log in using my email.
    I even uninstalled the Russian keyboard, because I thought that maybe that interfered. Maybe I should just use my laptop instead.

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    Hi Katarzyna, may we quickly check if you used a different login type on your iPad? There are 3 possibilities to log in: with Facebook, Google, or email. Would you try logging out of the app (Аккаунт>scroll down>Выход) and logging back in with the same login type you used for your English>French course?

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