No words in repeat stack though over 100 words learned

  • My apologies if this has already been treated at length elsewhere.
    Everything works perfectly for German and Russian : clear count of repeats etc.

    But for Spanish it keeps showing 0 in the repeat stack even though I know I should have hundreds... And so I find myself "blindly" doing over hundreds of cards before being presented with new words. So today I've already done something like 350 or 400 cards (repeats)...when I finally got to new words it was time to go to work.

    Now that I am back, I'm presented, again with my "old" stack (and still my repeat stack indicates 0). So it takes me hours every day before I get to learn new words (and my percentage of correct repeats is absolutely decent).

    Sorry for the long post and I hope I was clear...

  • Lingvist graduate

    I'm having the same issue with French. It keeps repeating the same 4-5 cards endlessly... I'm almost giving up for a while.

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    I have the same issue on Spanish. In August (I think) I finished the then available words in the course, clicked the "give me a new set"-like button, had like 80 words on the repeat stack then. After finishing that, it's been sitting on 0 to this day. The course works fine though, it's just that constant 0 that keeps showing as indicator.

    It might be worthwhile to say that I also finished the French and German courses since then and the number/indicator on the repeat stack always works properly.

    Maybe it's a specific glitch with older accounts? I think I first started the Spanish course in January or so.

  • Sigh of relief - haven't have much time the last couple of days, but today after 80 cards or so I was presented with new words (Yesterday though my repeat stack indicated 0 I had to do around 400 I think). So happy ! Especially because using realizado, realizar, realizada, realizadas, realizados, ad infinitam was really getting on my nerves.

    And yes it's only Spanish, Russian and German work like a charm.

  • 0_1507144639698_1.png

    That is from today. As you can see the Repeat Stack remains zero, but there were 10 repeat words before getting new ones.

    On 23 Sep it was 64 cards, on 27 Sep it was 24 cards and today it was 10 before getting new words. The repeat stack remains zero every day.

    I don't really remember when it started but probably sometime in August.

  • I have the same issue with my Spanish course.

    The Repeat Stack has been stuck on 0 for quite some time now.

    The problem is present both on the website and the android app.

  • Just as an edit:

    The next day my stats show No Repeats. I did over 500 cards the day before, 100 new words, so how is that possible?

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