The cards in the app revert back to zero, can a developer help?

Hey! So I just started learning Spanish and so far it's been great except since yesterday the cards I do will randomly revert back to zero in the middle of an exercise. The words I've learnt in that session get unlearnt (removed from the history altogether) and ofcourse the daily goal can never be reached. What should I do?

I'm having a similar problem in French. I can track progress in the app on Android, but when I try to learn words on my laptop the counter never goes up. It just stays at 0. I tried starting German to test, and progress will track there just fine, this only seems to affect French for me.

I also tried starting to count on my phone and switching to laptop. For example, if I practice 10 words on my phone and then switch to my laptop, it will show 10 words finished. But when I try to keep going on my laptop, it never moves past 10, no matter how many more words I practice. If I want to hit my goal of 100 words every day I HAVE to do it on the app, the website will never work. But I would much rather type them on my laptop.

I have exactly the same situation

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