Before your update, I could click on any word in a sentence to hear how it sounded and the meaning. Since updating on android I can't do that anymore.

Can you please bring that functionality back? It was so helpful for studying and figuring out for myself what a new sentence meant.

Yes, the update really sucks and I can't get anyone to even respond to queries any more.

What you point out, along with the loss of landscape mode on tablets, has made the app a whole lot worse than it used to be.

I, too, used to love to tap on a single word to get all the meanings.

Of course, the app has been totally decimated. Reading and listening are gone, as has your vocabulary history. In the name of what?

Lingvist: PLEASE LISTEN TO US AND BRING BACK THE FUNCTIONALITY THAT EXISTED BEFORE THIS DREADFUL UPDATE. It was a lovely app, but no more. I refuse to use it until it's fixed.

Exactly. I wonder, whoever thought that it was a good idea to make the app worse? Your app about a year ago was PERFECT. Tell me the difference if I make a close mistake. Give me the entire conjugation table.

How can anyone even think that the current app is better than how it was, is beyond me.


Hi @Les-Cullen, @Alexis-Paige, @Ray,

The most recent update has strengthened our app technically, but because it's continually being developed, it's inevitably had a few features temporarily put aside. All the features you're currently missing will be back—either as they were or in a similar/improved incarnation! We would like to hear from you, our community of learners and ask you to vote for which feature you'd most like to see back.

I'm sorry, but I concur with the users above. I've had a proper look at the new changes, and besides the offline-mode addition, everything else is a downgrade. You've prioritized minor aesthetic changes over usability. The word count was necessary to look up how many times I got a word wrong, that then helped me focus on that specific word. The reading and writing tabs I had used before, and found essential to one's learning - it's the best way to reinforce what you'd already learned. The specific word check was also vital - it helped me look up words I hadn't come across before or had forgotten. I implore you to re-implement these changes! PRETTY PLEASE!

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