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  • In 4 days Ive gone through over 800 cards with new words as they say ? I now learning new words and answering with words we now is sometimes a shock but some cards have weird definitions like HE WANTS HE HOPES and the solution is PRETENDE fingir is pretende and nothing I would associate ( want with pretend) I have found a few like this ,a clearer definition would help a lot as this causes a lower % of correctness

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion!.

    Regarding the example you have provided us with, the verb pretender is probably a complex one for learners of Spanish as a foreign language, as it is a false friend in English, this is, a word or expression that has a similar form to one in a person's native language, but a completely different meaning. Let us explain this particular case.

    The most common definition for this verb in Spanish is querer ser o conseguir algo ("to want to become or get something"), as in Pretendo llegar a ser médico ("I hope to become a doctor"), thus, the closest (and easiest) equivalents in English are "to hope to", and "to want to". There are other minor equivalents to this, such as "aspire to", "to try to", "to intend to", and, in a completely different sense, this verb can also be translated as "to court" or "to woo".

    We will continue adding further example sentences and senses to help our users understand these nuances in a more effective way. Please keep visiting our forum and stay tuned for further updates on our courses!

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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