297 new words in 309 cards with 1731 repeat stack


This isn't intentional right? This has been happening for 3 weeks and I feel like I'm not learning anything anymore.


Thanks for raising this.

I had a look on your account.

Did you do the learning on Android app or on web browser mostly?

On Android you have a bit old build, which had a bug that it sometimes gave new words before you cleared your repeat stack. Can you upgrade your Android app.

If you did your learning mostly on Android then this should fix the issue for good.

The amount of repeat words is okay. They have accumulated due to this bug most probably, as you have learned lot of new words recently, with not that high first correct rate.

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Hey, thanks for your response.

I do most of my learning on the web app, I actually deleted the android app yesterday because I wasn't using it; when I was using the android app, the syncing wasn't working--I was pretty much only using the android app for offline learning but because the sync didn't seem to occur when I connected my phone to the internet I stopped using it.

Also, I created another account yesterday so that I could continue learning--do you recommend that I come back to this account?

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