Which languages are coming soon?

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    Every time you ask us if a new language course is coming soon, a virtual particle of joy pops into existence in the Lingvist universe.

    Considering that we are a language learning app, launching new languages is like launching new flight destinations for us, and as long as you want to learn languages, we can "fly language planes". But prerequisite to every flight is a strong commitment across several teams, from hiring linguists to preparing marketing communications for the new course.

    Some time ago we put together a roadmap of language pairs we were planning to launch in 2017. Among them were:

    • English for Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese speakers;
    • German, Spanish and Russian for English speakers.

    We've delivered on all of these promises and also launched additional TOEIC and TOEFL courses for our Japanese and Chinese learners.

    We don't have a roadmap plan for the language pairs we will be/would like to be launching in 2018 yet. One of the reasons behind it is that we are currently following up with the other commitments we have:

    • bringing new features into the app (voice input, speaking exercises, reading and listening training, personalized courses, faster and deeper learning);
    • enhancing existing courses with grammar tips and new words.

    You can vote for your most favourite language pair here to help us feel the scale.

    Thanks for learning with us and wanting to learn more! It's great to have you aboard;)

  • Je m'étais abonné l'an dernier en espérant que l'Italien arrive et pour vous soutenir, du coup j'arrête l'abonnement car vous vous moquez du monde

    Vous demandez l'avis des utilisateurs pour savoir quelle langue ils veulent, l'italien est en tête depuis plus d'un an et demi et toujours rien. Ce n'est pas sérieux.

  • I'm pretty disappointed to keep seeing it repeated that there will be no new language pairs anytime soon, particularly for languages like Portuguese where you've already done some work in one direction. I'm especially disappointed that I've even sent an email offering free time (I'm a developer myself) to help develop at least a rough alpha of an English -> Portuguese course and heard no reply at all.

    I would echo the thoughts I've seen others post here: feature bloat is a bug. Right now I pay for Lingvist because it is the single best tool on the market for what it does well: focusing on the most useful words first in an immersive setting. Voice input, speaking, reading, listening, etc. are all nice-to-haves relative to this. But it makes it exceptionally hard for me to recommend Lingvist to friends when there's just a dearth of language options. I hesitate to say that you have severely underestimated the market opportunity for new languages, particularly when you're otherwise sitting on a golden egg.

    Hopefully this resonates with someone at the company and you can change course.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey there,

    First of all, thanks for asking for more to learn! As long as there are learners asking for more, we surely have the reason to fill learning space. At the moment, unfortunately, I don't have any update for you about the linguistic plans. The Q4 plans are already in place, so it won't be until the new year that any new language pairs plans might pop up. Hope to keep you busy with the current state of affairs. Anyone who runs out of things to learn by the end of the year, pop me a message here. We will find a way to celebrate you 🙂

  • I am also very curious if there are any new languages that are going to be added soon. I am very close to exhausting/mastering the Spanish, German, and Russian courses, although the addition of new words in both Spanish and German has given me a bit more to work on.

    There are quite a few languages I would like to see added...if you did a course in Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, or Japanese, I would probably jump on these. I might also do a course in Indonesian/Malay, Turkish, or Korean.

    I think Lingvist is really excellent and is more-than-good-enough to get me to where I can go the rest of the way by immersion. I also think there are no other tools online anywhere near as good as Lingvist.

    For this reason I would rather you prioritize adding new languages to adding new features.

    I also have seen language-learning-apps go wrong by trying to add too many features. For example, DuoLingo has been doing this and I think they've gone downhill over the past two years. I really don't want to see Lingvist go this route.

  • @marina So can you give an update of what you have done in 2018?

    And what you plan to do in 2019?

    How much money would you need to expand Lingvist and offer more Languages to be learned from English?
    That supposedly would work for most customers.
    In my experience everyone has some command of English.

    Learning multiple languages via one App is indeed a remarkable tool.

    Have you considered taking your computer to the stock market and offering shares?

    That would give you the capital you need. And me and others would surely be willing to invest.

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