Hi, does anybody know what is the font used for the sentences? I would really appreciate if someone can identify the font name. Thanks.

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Hey there, I'm forwarding your question to our designers. I think they'd be a lot more motivated to give you something if you offer us more than "unknown" as your name. Perhaps provide reasons behind your request?

Hey, I'm happy to help :)

The font we use for the language that you are learning is called Volkorn

As Marina said, it would be interesting to know why you'd like to know – just curious :)

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Hi, first of all let me thank both of you; Marinna and Jonn!
Reason behind my question: I like the spacing between words, it makes them easy to read, furthermore, they have a good size and there is not much distortion in the individual letters, so I would like to give it a try in my kindle.
I really appreciate your prompt response! Thanks!

Thanks for the insight :) We chose that font for the reasons you mention above, so it's really great to hear users validating that choice!

Hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are :)

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