Finished Spanish at 148 cards?!

  • Lingvist graduate

    Hi, I just started the course yesterday and got 22 cards in the repeat stack. Today I wanted to learn again, but the app got stuck after a while in the middle of reviewing. It looked as if it was trying to load a new page, a blank screen with the blue 'work in progress'-circle spinning. When I started the app anew, it surprised me by stating that I had finished Spanish 🙂 Now there are 122 cards in my repeat stack and although I answered most of them correctly, repeatedly, the number is not reducing at all. Please help!

  • Lingvist graduate

    So, what works for me is: close the app, put it in 'stand-by'-mode, force the app to stop, shut down the phone, boot it again.
    Had to repeat that a few times, but now it seems to be doing ok.

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