New native app — tell us what’s most important to you

A lot of hard work and endless cups of coffee brought you a freshly updated native app — with more sound and technical power, but temporarily without a few features many of you (and us!) have grown to like. We're planning to bring them back into the app either as they were or in a similar/improved incarnation. How soon? Help us understand what’s most important to you.

If you were to choose one feature to bring back first, which one would it be?

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@Marina-Shutova Здравствуйте! Пишу вам насчет "feature to bring back first".
Есть варианты для голосования, но при нажатии кнопки Vote автоматически выбирается один последний вариант. Я на самом деле хотел выбрать другой вариант "reading and listening exercises" но у меня не получается. Не могли бы вы исправить эту неисправность в вашей системе? Благодарю.

Out of those features, it was the reading and listening exercises that I used the most. For a phone they are extremely useful since you can then practice listened to or reading the language wherever you are.

A nice enhancement request as well: would be nice if it were possible to mark some listening/reading exercises to be available offline. I just noticed that it looks like the app works offline now too, which is great! I like apps that work offline to save my data while I'm not on wifi. :)

All of them!!! Why limit yourself to putting one feature back, Marina?

But especially Landscape mode - I can't use the app without it - closely followed by tapping on a word to get translation.

@Samuel-Walladge, at the moment, the app will be able to support you for about 15 minutes without Internet; a fully-functioning offline mode is not yet available.

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I miss the "close miss" explanation. Of course the tap-to-translate is important as well. Don't care that much about landscape mode.

But full offline mode would be the greatest for long flights.

I use the app on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I love being able to put down one and resume on the other. The recent native app updates are a huge improvement. I don't really care about landscape vs. portrait, as some do. The main thing I felt was missing is word hints. However, I've noticed that the space given for the word fits the word, so if I choose a similar word that is shorter or longer, it is usually obvious to me before I submit the answer. Understanding the number of characters is helpful for ruling out, so word hints would be nice to have, especially for consistent UX from the laptop to mobile devices.

I really miss the listening part - I've been searching for it for the past couple days, and couldn't figure out where you'd hidden it!

I'm glad to see Spanish is now available.

Пожалуйста верните прежнюю версию! Зря я нажал обновить - случилась катастрофа. Новая версия ужасна в сравнении с тем что было

The reading and listening exercises were the most help to me. I used to use them ALL the time, now that it's gone I don't use the app as much. I'm learning French, and the hardest part about French is understanding what they say when they talk.

Mulle meeldiks väga kuulamis- ja lugemisharjutuste tagasitulek, kasutasin neid palju ning need on lauseehituse mõistmiseks asendamatud, kuigi kuulamisharjutused võiksid siiski olla veidi aeglasemad. Kuulamisharjutustesse võiks lisada muinasjutte :) need on võõrkeeles väga head kuulata.

Definitivamente lectura y ejercicios de escucha es lo que más quiero de vuelta. La función de al tocar una palabra ver la traducción, también la encuentro muy útil.

Could you also port the app to MacOSX? Would be great to receive reminder notifications to learn daily.

reading and listening exercises please

I really enjoy the word list feature. I can see my progress, review definitions and use it as a reference for further/alternative study (making flashcards, thematic lists, looking up other contexts, practicing sentence structure etc.). This feature is still present in the EN > FR course but I would love to see it in the newer courses that don't yet have it.

(Just an idea: I like how you can sort the list alphabetically or by times practiced - being able to sort it by parts of speech [verb, adjective etc.] would be great too.)

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I miss the reading/listening exercices and the word list !
Those are the 2 features I use the most on my phone !
When will you bring it back ?

@Marina-Shutova "reading and listening exercises" Please. 🙏🏼

Thanks @José-Antonio! Strangely, we only have 20 votes for reading and listening out of 1,000 views on this page. Folks, exercise your voting power!


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