I know for beginners, many folks will use Google or Word Reference. Then folks start to use Collins, which I've never really liked. Since my French reading level is somewhere around intermediate (I can muddle through YA novels), I prefer to skip the bilingual dictionaries unless I'm actually going from English to French. My favorites are:

  • Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales
    Provides curated definitions, etymology, and usage examples from several different
    respected sources, and is inclusive of all recognized French dialects, since one of their
    sources is Laval's Panfrancophone research center.

  • Larousse
    The traditional standby, the Britannica and OED of French. But they are rather snobby
    and sometimes downright inaccurate when it comes to, ah, colonial Frenchs. Also has
    a bilingual dictionary.

That's all I have. Anyone else have handy French resources?

Les francais utilisent quasiment que deux dictionnaires :
Le Robert
mais si tu veux un dictionnaire en ligne, Daniel227 en a donnés.

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