Delete a course I added by mistake

I would like to delete a course I added by mistake. It's English from Chinese. How can I do it? I don't see any options.

When you go into the Account section and the Courses tab, at the top right should be a "Manage" button. This allows you to not delete, but archive languages so they don't appear anymore but your progress is saved. This is for web though, I don't know about the mobile app.

@Asraelite Thanks for the great answer!
and @Elkin-Aguas

This can be done by accessing your account on your laptop/desktop. This post and its gif show you how :)

Thank you @joyce and @Asraelite :) it was very easy to do thanks to you. Also for those interested, I had to sign out and sign in again to have this change applied in my Android App.

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Hi @Elkin-Aguas, thanks for sharing with others. This might indeed happen. Your app should have time to catch up with the change + it needs to refresh itself. You might not necessarily need to log in anew, but it could also coincide.

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