iOS app keeps resetting progress

  • Lingvist graduate

    Since the latest update the application keeps resetting the card counter every time you shut down the app. Also the daily milestones resets when the app is closed. If I open lingvist on an other platform the progress done on iOS displays and updates correctly, it is only on the iOS app that it does not.

    Running on iPad pro iOS 11.0.3

  • Same thing happens for me. I can't get more than seven or eight cards because it keeps resetting the counter to 1 or 2.

  • Problem still exists on my iPhone 8 PLUS (iOS 11.1.2). It lasts for more then one annoying
    Website works well, but iOS app no.

  • Lingvist graduate

    The progress did miss altogether on the iOS app but after clearing the stack. I could see the progress increasing tough on my Android device so the progress was not lost, the iOS app just seemed to fail fetch the progress. Now the iOS app works perfectly tough and there is no more such problems.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Jarno! Great that you have shared your case. We need to look at it with some more attention. Our engineers have a few questions to you:

    1. Does the progress go missing altogether (you've practised for several days and none of those stats are there)
    2. Does it appear to be delayed for some time (aka the missing stats come back after a while, within 24 hours)?

    The reason being that at the moment we are experiencing some delayed syncing problems which only happen to some learners upon restarting the app while the learning cycle is ongoing. Appreciate you playing detective with us!


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