"Time spent today" remains at 0 !

  • On Lingvist each day for two weeks now. But since midnight today, in the "My progress" section, "My time spent" remains at 0, while I keep practicing. This is also the case for "new words"... Is this a known bug ?
    I can practice but cannot see my progress anymore.

    Up to now wonderful, efficient and addictive app !! Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  • I see the same issue on iOS 11. It seems that eventually my progress display corrects itself but it is wildly unpredictable at any given time.

  • I had basically the same problem today. I started to do my daily 100 cards today at 8:30 AM local time. While I did maybe 45 cards, the count of cards done today reset to zero three times and the cards I had do me today were added to yesterday’s total. This also resulted in me getting a bunch of new words as if I had already reviewed all of my old cards. So now I’m sitting at zero cards for the day.

    This is with the iPad app, by the way.

  • Pb solved apparently.

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