Update: Latest features & Lingvist Unlimited

We’ve been rolling out a few recent changes on Lingvist. Most notably, you may have noticed the new home screen on the apps that gives you a snapshot of your learning progress, or you might have also tried out the option to answer your cards by speaking in the Vocabulary builder.

This is just the start of many more features to come that will expand the skills you can practise with Lingvist. These new features will be a part of Lingvist Unlimited — a more powerful version of Lingvist that is available for everyone for free until the end of the year and will continue to be available to subscribers in the new year.

Lingvist’s co-founder Mait has written an open letter to our learners to give more insight into these features, and share some plans that will keep Lingvist a sustainable language learning tool for a long time to come.

Read Mait's letter here.

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Great. Shut up and take my money.

Seriously, open Unlimited for people to subscribe now (but still keep it free for everyone until 2018). Then if you have thankful/well-off learners you'll get money now.

Also if you'll make it optional to pay in bitcoin you'll make it easier for some to pay. Just a suggestion.


@justin-worrall Hi Justin! Mind giving it another click? Seems to be working fine again:)


Hi @nick-gorton! Thanks for your enthusiasm! We're working on an option for that would let existing users do just that (subscribe ahead of 2018, I'm afraid bitcoin won't be a payment option though :/ ). We'll be sharing more news in late November.

Lingvist graduate

Great news!

May be a a silly question, but do you intend to implement these features into the desktop app, and if so, when?


Hi @milanezi, not a silly question at all! For the most part, the features will be rolled out across different platforms (desktop, iOS, Android). However, there will be some differences — for instance answering by speaking in the Vocabulary builder will initially be available only on the apps.

The new Vocab builder feature that lets you speak instead of having to type makes it much faster and more fun! Amusingly, the voice recognizer struggles with an important word in Russian: люблю :)

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