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  • Hi @Ave, I got Lingvist Unlimited and last week (2017) I could see all of the Challenges section in Spanish and French, but not the layout changed and I can't see any of the challenges anymore (I'm using the latest Google Chrome in a Mac). Can someone help me to solve this problem? I paid for a subscription and instead of getting access, now I can't use the challenges, what's wrong!? 0_1515005360801_Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.28.46 PM.png

  • Thanks for all your answer.
    It's perfect, on Chrome Web Navigator, the sections Defis (Read, Listen and Grammar) are available.
    Best regards,

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    Fair enough! I've done some of the challenges in Spanish, and they are certainly nice and well made. I'm not entirely sure yet whether they are useful for actual learning, but I guess we'll see... 🙂

  • @annika_a That makes sense 🙂 In my opinion they introduced subscriptions too early since we didn't have a chance to test the actual features that they plan on introducing. I got the 1 year subscription but I'm still not sure what did I get actually 🙂

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    @nikola-đukić They way I understood it is that Unlimited gives you access to everything they offer (ie the same as everyone had in 2017), whereas the change is experienced by users who didn't sign up for Unlimited, who have fewer features than they had in 2017.

    So, for example, I have more features in my Spanish course than in my Russian course (and than you in your German course, it seems). I expect they will roll out things in different courses as they go along

  • @ave Nope. It was my stinking bank. However another comment - it's really hard to find the button to sign up for unlimited. Maybe make it more obvious? Thanks!

  • @ftt I totally agree with you, we should get a clarification on the timeline regarding the German course. I have also had high hopes that launching of the Lingvist Unlimited will bring us new features in the German course but now it's unclear when will that happen. It also means that designation "Unlimited" is untrue since the new features are limited only to some courses. I sincerely hope new features get introduced to German learners soon.

  • Not to sound like a broken record, but can you guys clarify when Unlimited subscribers will see changes for their courses / apps? For example, I use the latest Firefox on desktop and the latest iOS app on my phone and study German. I don't see any changes anywhere (I expected getting access to reading and listening exercises). When am I going to see them? If the feature is not ready, why is it announced?

  • @Kiveli-Papadopoulou

    BTW: I was speaking about the Spanish course (from English) and Opera 36 browser (equals to Chrome 49+).

  • @Kiveli-Papadopoulou

    Try opening those challenges on a desktop browser which supports the Web Speech API, like Chrome, Opera.

    Opera e.g listed many challenges for me up to level 10.

    Only the "Check microphone" button was not working for me anymore....

    On Firefox and the Android app (on an emulator) the Challenges symbol is empty.

    I do expect that you need to be an account holder for "Lingvist Unlimited" to be able to access the challenges, however it was said in the blog / pricing table that "Lingvist Free" users can access up to one challenge per day....so probably it should work just fine.

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    Hello @ave ! I subscribed for Lingvist Unlimited, and even though I updated the app, the challenges section isn't available yet? Also, I'm able to open it on desktop, but there are no challenges there either. When are they going to be released?

  • Hello,

    I have a account on lingvist since several months to learn English. Now, I will see the news functions with free account, but on the Web I don't find the defi, the read and listen section. I have juste the learning section ?
    Can you help me ?

    Thanks for all.

  • @vsevolod-zinkevich said in Update: Latest features & Lingvist Unlimited:

    Hello. I paid for Lingvist unlimited, but nothing changes. May be I did something wrong?

    I am having the same problem. Should I log into Lingvist unlimited after I purchased it?

  • Hello. I paid for Lingvist unlimited, but nothing changes. May be I did something wrong?

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    Hi all, I too have been having problems with subscribing to Lingvist Unlimited, through multiple cards and similarly to Nick Gorton, not from a lack of funds. I've also cleared the browser cache. I'm really excited for Lingvist Unlimited and would love to partake - does anyone have a fix for this?

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    Hi @thomas-heiss! I'm afraid our Android team is on vacation over the holidays and I can't answer your questions about emulators.

    What I can say is that the "speak to answer" feature is publicly available to all learners in the build you're referring to and you can find it in the Learn section right above the keyboard:


  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @nick-gorton! Sorry to hear this! I have an inkling of what might be wrong. Could you please try clearing your browser cache and see if the payment goes through then?

  • I've tried a couple times and every time I try to pay with a credit card, it says "Sorry your order failed to process" which is not lack of funds on my part. Is this a temporary problem?

  • @Ave
    Thanks for your reply.

    I double checked with a DuoLingo user, who is in your Android app BETA program.

    She has this "Voice speaking" button in the "Learn tab" on V2.17.8, even for the Spanish course (and others).

    Personally I do NOT see this voice button on the Learn tab in the middle between the other two with V2.17.8 (Android).

    Q: Is this a hidden BETA testing feature or publicly already available?

    Q: Has it something to do with KOPlayer Android emulator, where maybe the mic is disabled, that this speaking / recording button is not displayed in the Android app in the "Learn" tab with V2.17.8?

    Q: What Android emulators are your team using for testing?

    I am quite limited with good emulator software, as I do not seem to have the "right" hardware or 64bit OS; many programs do not run, freeze or have audio deactivated.

    I do not expect it to be working - on my emulator - very good, but it probably would have been fun quickly testing it out until 12/31/2017.

    And Spanish spelling might drive me crazy / the app not recognizing my voice input.

    But as I test...an interesting test for fun.

    The biggest problem with lingvist and it's "repeat practice stack" is for me, that I am not fast enough, preventing old words to refill my stack.

    I badly want to learn NEW / all (easier) words of the Spanish course for my "end of year 2017 challenge"...but I need to be REALLY QUICK to have a chance to get them displayed.

    I am a fast typer, but probably not fast enough....

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @thomas-heiss! Sorry for the confusion — I was referring to the Learn section in the apps.

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