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    We’ve been rolling out a few recent changes on Lingvist. Most notably, you may have noticed the new home screen on the apps that gives you a snapshot of your learning progress, or you might have also tried out the option to answer your cards by speaking in the Vocabulary builder.

    This is just the start of many more features to come that will expand the skills you can practise with Lingvist. These new features will be a part of Lingvist Unlimited — a more powerful version of Lingvist that is available for everyone for free until the end of the year and will continue to be available to subscribers in the new year.

    Lingvist’s co-founder Mait has written an open letter to our learners to give more insight into these features, and share some plans that will keep Lingvist a sustainable language learning tool for a long time to come.

    Read Mait's letter here.

  • @ave I'm using ChromeOS and I can see the challenges in Spanish on my Android phone, but not on my Chromebook. Just to put on your fix list since I prefer not doing it in Android.

  • Oh, by the way, the many challenges I had seen in my list (until level 10) are gone for me - for Spanish - too.

    I did not see them ~1-2 days in Firefox, but in Opera.
    Now I can not see them in any browser (including Opera 36, latest Maxthon) for a couple of days.
    Maybe I can try to re-test on a different PC with a later Chrome version....

    I have N O T reviewed any words out of 1000 and I also did not learn new words since 12/31/2017....too busy with Portuguese....

    I am not sure why the challenge list, I had seen for SP shortly about 5 days ago (even after 12/31) with the old version of Opera 36 would only come up when learning new words, as Ave had mentioned....sounds somehow illogical to me (I am an IT guy).

    If I have news in the next 1-2 weeks after reviewing a few words or learning new 20-50 words (will probably not happen too soon), I will add my update and let you know.

    Hopefully the developer and support team is back from vacation soon to solve the premium issues from you guys....please be patient 😉

  • @ave
    Hi,i have seen that there were questions related to access to unlimited but did not find any response yet,which is way to strange. Also i did not find any instructions how to switch from lingvist free to lingvist unlimited. So how to switch to lingvist unlimited if the gift certificate is already activated and nothing changed?

  • @ave thanks for your quick reply. I can see the French challenges now. And yes happy to give my bit of faith in Lingvist.

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    Hi all!

    Popping in to hopefully give some clarification on some of the questions you've brought up in this thread.

    Firstly — we had to temporarily disable the Challenges in French, since we found a bug that made the speaking exercises very difficult to use. They're all back now, I hope for you too @ebastidas3! If you don't see exercises in the Challenges area right away, do a few words with Learn first — Challenges take a bit of time to load.

    Next up — update on the timeline for German (and Russian too) @Nikola-Đukić. We're still working on the exercises and hope to have the first batch with you in a few weeks time.

    Lastly, about the timing of our subscriptions launch — Part of the reason we offered such a large initial discount was in recognition of this fact: we essentially were asking people to take a small leap of faith with us. In return, we made a long-term subscription as affordable as we could, and are letting people lock in that intro rate for as long as they keep their subscription active, even as we add more and more features.

    Thanks for keeping us on our heels, all these questions are helping us clarify our communications and improve the product!

  • Hi @Ave, I got Lingvist Unlimited and last week (2017) I could see all of the Challenges section in Spanish and French, but not the layout changed and I can't see any of the challenges anymore (I'm using the latest Google Chrome in a Mac). Can someone help me to solve this problem? I paid for a subscription and instead of getting access, now I can't use the challenges, what's wrong!? 0_1515005360801_Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.28.46 PM.png

  • Thanks for all your answer.
    It's perfect, on Chrome Web Navigator, the sections Defis (Read, Listen and Grammar) are available.
    Best regards,

  • Moderator

    Fair enough! I've done some of the challenges in Spanish, and they are certainly nice and well made. I'm not entirely sure yet whether they are useful for actual learning, but I guess we'll see... 🙂

  • @annika_a That makes sense 🙂 In my opinion they introduced subscriptions too early since we didn't have a chance to test the actual features that they plan on introducing. I got the 1 year subscription but I'm still not sure what did I get actually 🙂

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    @nikola-đukić They way I understood it is that Unlimited gives you access to everything they offer (ie the same as everyone had in 2017), whereas the change is experienced by users who didn't sign up for Unlimited, who have fewer features than they had in 2017.

    So, for example, I have more features in my Spanish course than in my Russian course (and than you in your German course, it seems). I expect they will roll out things in different courses as they go along

  • @ave Nope. It was my stinking bank. However another comment - it's really hard to find the button to sign up for unlimited. Maybe make it more obvious? Thanks!

  • @ftt I totally agree with you, we should get a clarification on the timeline regarding the German course. I have also had high hopes that launching of the Lingvist Unlimited will bring us new features in the German course but now it's unclear when will that happen. It also means that designation "Unlimited" is untrue since the new features are limited only to some courses. I sincerely hope new features get introduced to German learners soon.

  • Not to sound like a broken record, but can you guys clarify when Unlimited subscribers will see changes for their courses / apps? For example, I use the latest Firefox on desktop and the latest iOS app on my phone and study German. I don't see any changes anywhere (I expected getting access to reading and listening exercises). When am I going to see them? If the feature is not ready, why is it announced?

  • @Kiveli-Papadopoulou

    BTW: I was speaking about the Spanish course (from English) and Opera 36 browser (equals to Chrome 49+).

  • @Kiveli-Papadopoulou

    Try opening those challenges on a desktop browser which supports the Web Speech API, like Chrome, Opera.

    Opera e.g listed many challenges for me up to level 10.

    Only the "Check microphone" button was not working for me anymore....

    On Firefox and the Android app (on an emulator) the Challenges symbol is empty.

    I do expect that you need to be an account holder for "Lingvist Unlimited" to be able to access the challenges, however it was said in the blog / pricing table that "Lingvist Free" users can access up to one challenge per day....so probably it should work just fine.

  • Lingvist graduate

    Hello @ave ! I subscribed for Lingvist Unlimited, and even though I updated the app, the challenges section isn't available yet? Also, I'm able to open it on desktop, but there are no challenges there either. When are they going to be released?

  • Hello,

    I have a account on lingvist since several months to learn English. Now, I will see the news functions with free account, but on the Web I don't find the defi, the read and listen section. I have juste the learning section ?
    Can you help me ?

    Thanks for all.

  • @vsevolod-zinkevich said in Update: Latest features & Lingvist Unlimited:

    Hello. I paid for Lingvist unlimited, but nothing changes. May be I did something wrong?

    I am having the same problem. Should I log into Lingvist unlimited after I purchased it?

  • Hello. I paid for Lingvist unlimited, but nothing changes. May be I did something wrong?

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