CEFR equivalent of courses?

  • Hello everyone,

    I can't imagine that no one has asked this before, but my search has rendered no results, so: Which level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is a full/finished course equivalent to in the different components? As there is of course no real reading comprehension or speaking involved, I am mainly talking about grammatical content and vocabulary covered.

    Thanks in advance for any info, ideas, or even rough guesses 🙂

  • Thank you for your estimate and the tips, Turrab 🙂 And I think I like your programming comparison 😉 Guess I will try to find out for myself as well, but still have a long while to go, just started my Russian course this week..

  • I would say it takes you to about a B2 Level, which is a very solid base for pushing on.

    Of course, you'll only reach B2 if you use the language in situations (e.g. reading news articles, watching movies and -most importantly- speaking).

    If the only time you are using your target language is when you're using Lingvist, then you won't exceed A1-A2.

    It's like programming: if all you do is watch online courses but don't practice on your own, then you'll have theoretical knowledge but no practical experience.

    In conclusion, you should NEVER use any app or learning material exclusively. Lingvist will give you a good start but you MUST supplement it with daily life situations if you want to reach a "proper" CEFR level.

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