Android: # of words to practice doesn't really go down.

  • Hello, Lingvist! I'm experiencing something which I think might be a bug in my German course.

    I have a number of words to practice (currently 439). Then I go and practice, and I see several dozen words. I think I'm doing fairly well, I remember most of them, and often when I make a mistake it's a typo/autocorrect rather than really getting the word wrong.

    Yet, the number of words to practice doesn't go down! It does briefly, but then it increases again to even more than it was before! I did nearly 350 phrases the other day and the number didn't budge. That's demotivating ─ I want that counter to get to zero!

    Is this a bug? Do I just have to keep grinding? Notice I'm doing what feels like a lot of work and for apparently no result (or, well, no result other than I'm actually learning. But I'd still like that learning to be reflected in the app.)

    Thank you very much!

    PS: as I was on a trip with sketchy signal, often I was working offline. But the 350-phrase session was all online!

  • Fixed. Turns out I just needed to do a lot more cards. Like, nearly 1100 yesterday.

    Now the number seems to be stuck at 200, it doesn't go down because new words get added.

    I really wish this was more predictable and that I could choose between practicing old words or adding new ones.

  • Oh! Now that the number of words to practice also shows in the desktop version, I can see that the issue is also present in this version and is not specific to Android.

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