Sur la carte « Ce film m'a exploser de rire ! », l'anglais dit, "The film made me explose with laughter."

Ça devrait dire, "This film made me explode with laughter."

Thank you for noticing – we'll change it right away!

Oh, the full sentences in French is "Ce film m'a fait exploser de rire !",
just in case anyone is wondering.

hello Lingvist! i don't know where to post about my problem/error with my Lingvist French course but this forum seems appropriate, i guess.

i'm using the android app version of Lingvist. it seems i can't continue my French course because when i try to continue learning, it shows "Connection needed. Our algorithm needs to calibrate the next card set. Reconnect to the internet to keep learning."

At first, i thought it was because of my internet connection. however, it's not, since i can continue in my other language courses, but not French. i tried restarting my phone, but also to no avail. why? it's very frustrating. please check into this matter & resolve it ASAP. thank you very much in advance.

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