so, after this UI update whenever I type the word in the area and it's accepted, the site doesn't swap the cards and I have to refresh the page in order to get the new card.
Anyone else facing this problem?
And what are the possible solutions?
thank you!

Hey @JSka ouch, sorry for an awkward bug. Which browser are you on? If you have a possibility to share a screencast, would be great.

Sadly im on IE and unable to switch to another one (working laptop, everything locked)
no screencast for the same reason as well.
Basically it goes like this:

  • Typing in the word.
  • lights as "correct"
  • audio version
  • nothing happens while the button "next" is flashing, though nothing happens upon clicking it
    Thanks for quick reply!

Hey @JSka many thanks! Let us try to reproduce.

Hey @JSka, we haven't been able to reproduce your case yet, but there has been at least one similar report. Since it is an IE issue and the browser is just so uncommon, I wanted to ask if you'd have a chance to switch to a different device (for example, a phone) for the time being? Not that it is a solution for your problem, but I wanted to make sure you know that we have native apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Yeah, im actually using an app on my phone as well.
but it really is a lot more convenient to use a browser version when there's a chance to.
Will try to switch for a bit. thank you and hope it will be solved soon

I have seen this on IE too. Workaround (for me) is to click on the the large > to right of dialog box. Hope that helps.

@danny Sadly no, as I mentioned already, this button is blinking, but nothing is happening upon clicking it
But hope your solution will work for others

All hail the devs!
it's working now! Thank you so much:)

Woohoo! :)
Hail, the devs.

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Hi. I now have the same problem as well. And I'm using Firefox.

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