Speech not working

  • Hi community & lingvist team,

    I have a problem regarding speech on android. Whenever I press the microphone button, a Listening loading dialog appears and then, nothing happens and I can't do anything before I shut down the app.

    Another problem regarding speech...It seems that nothing happens when I press the microphone button in the challenges. I don't even know whether I have to press all the time during my speech or I have to press once and the system tries to detect my voice..in any case, it has not recognized my voice once.

    In the settings, speech is turned on.

  • Sure, model number: X5pro as in the settings

    Even though this is an asian phone, other apps get speech to work, too 🙂

  • I cannot seem to input speech on any device. I have tried on my Android Moto X, my PC, and my windows 10 tablet. Everytime I tap the mic icon it just beeps and says"we didn't get that". On my windows devices it does nothing at all. I even tried the beta app and same thing.

  • Hello,
    My microphone is not vorking also. My phone is Sony Xperia.

  • Yes, I have tried that. Nothing happens.
    I don't think there was any permission that I needed to give. I reinstalled the app but that didn't help neither.

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