Will users ever have an option to create their own courses?

  • It seems that a lot of us are eagerly awaiting some courses. I'd love to see Arabic for English (or French) speakers but I understand that the Lingvist team has a lot of work.

    Will there ever be an option for users to create their own courses? I have the Arabic frequency vocabulary and I'd personally love to make my own Arabic course with the help of a few friends. I don't want to use Memrise because I find their cartoonish design to be a bit ridiculous. I love the simple, clean and non-distracting design of Lingvist.

    I think this would be a cool option. Users could have the option to make the course private or share it with the community and even allow native speakers to "downvote" if the word was entered or used incorrectly. I could probably get a few dedicated people to help with the Arabic.

    Another idea, if the created course is of very good quality, maybe your team can take a look at it and expand on it or improve it rather than starting from scratch.

    Please and thank you ❤

  • Lingvist graduate

    My point is that a user-created course wouldn't be any different from the countless other courses you can find online. The entire point of Lingvist is to provide a unique approach to learning that isn't offered elsewhere.

  • @michael obviously I'm not asking for their algorithms but there is no reason why such a system of user created courses wouldn't be able to do precisely what user created sets do on other SRS apps. We're not given algorithms of any other site where user created content is possible.
    And that's exactly why I'd like to see a possibility of self creating courses, for more efficient learning.
    Lingvist didn't create itself, there are still people who build it and continue to work on it.

    I think we took the discussion in a direction where the discussion doesn't really need to go. Nobody is asking to see their algorithms. I want to clear that I'm not asking for any admin or developer access when I say user created option should exist.

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    I don't see how people can create courses without the algorithms the lingivst team uses, and I don't think they'll hand them out for free.

    The entire point of the app is to learn efficiently, and keep the process dynamic instead of something fixed and prebuilt by humans.

  • @werabunga essentially what I'm looking for is the ability to create a course in the exact same way as the courses offered here. So not just flashcards but the same method as the existing courses but for a language that doesn't yet exist here which is Arabic.

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    Hi silkandspice! I am not sure if I understood you correctly, but from what I gather you could do just exactly that (create flashcards with single words missing from the sentences; type the answer; have the correct sentence as audio file played when showing the correct answer) with anki for now, until lingvist has their course ready. If this is not what you have in mind, could you explain what I got wrong? Thanks and all the best!

  • I also think if Lingvist doesn't want there to be a mess of random quality courses, maybe a compromise could be to allow users to create private courses that are visible only to the learner and/or a friend via an invite code.

  • @truelibertarian There are 59 languages in Wikipedia that have more than 100,000 articles, which gives us a good overview of the most common languages in the (digital) world. If I am not mistaken in calculation, it takes 59*58=3422 language pairs to create if lingvist wants to be representative of the languages spoken on the internet.

    Well, if we are less ambitious, let's take the languages that have more than 200,000 articles, there are 41*40=1640 pairs (but we lose then Lithuanian, Croatian, Chechen, Estonian, Slovenian, Slovenian, Galician, Greek, Norwegian, etc.). And with only 41 languages (1640 pairs), it would still be impossible for lingvist to create all these courses before 150 years if they create more than 10 courses per year!

    The example of Wikipedia has long since shown that the collaborative system is the only one capable of meeting the immense needs of our world (without necessarily losing quality).

    Putting in place an intelligent system with official courses and courses offered by the community would be the optimal solution and the only one capable of making a tool such as lingvist realy popular.

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    @silkandspice I think that probably more work goes into creating a course in Lingvist than just adding a big list of words. I think they are meticulous about things like audio quality/clarity and how grammar info is displayed. It's the same with an app like Duolingo, you wouldn't expect them to allow users to create courses... I think both apps are not really about that, and adding that feature I think is not so easy to do in terms of software development and maintenance/scalability.

    But anyway, I don't mean to discourage the idea 🙂 it's just how I see it, I could be wrong.

  • @juan-pazos I don't think the idea is pushing for a recreation of Memrise. I don't like Memrise since it became too gamified and childish in its design. I don't think Lingvist should become a random flashcard software, but rather to give users a chance to make a language course before the official one comes out (if it ever does).
    I understand Lingvist as an app that is designed for independent learning by allowing the learners to learn more efficiently, so why not make the logical next step and allow the language lovers in the community to take charge of their learning further by using an already great tool instead of starting from scratch elsewhere?

  • @truelibertarian I think it would be an awesome idea. I mean, obviously the Linguist team is focused on quality and I know that they have language specialists working on these courses. I think user created courses could be labelled as such so that users are aware that these are the individual efforts of a group or an individual vs. the Linguist team.

    If there is a need for a language and if people are eager to find a good resource, why wait for the official release (especially for obscure or almost exisnct languages that should be saved!)if there is enthusiasm to make it ourselves?

    I hope they allow this.

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    I could be wrong, but I feel this feature is not aligned with Lingvist's vision. I think Memrise and Lingvist are distinct apps, created with very different visions. Lingvist is attentive to details of the learning process itself is thinking of ways of improving it, it wants to find the optimal way to learn a language. Memrise is just a facilitator or a tool to help people teach themselves, they are not much concerned with the process of learning as far as I know.

  • I would love this option as well. Duolingo has the "incubator," but even that is a slow and tedious process since the Duolingo system is the same for everybody (effectively). It has to be vetted before standard users can use it or else they'd (rightfully) complain.

    For example, I'd love to give Lojban a go (constructed language), but because it is so obscure, I'm limited to basically a few Memrise sets and the CLL. I haven't used Lingvist for very long, but it is so effortless and has already helped my French out. If Lingvist had an option to (manually) enable community courses, and a basic SDK to design one, I'm sure language users from all over the globe, no matter how obscure, would love to participate in sharing their skills.

    Of course this could be a logistical nightmare for the Devs, and possibly could scare off new users if not hidden well enough (there could be incorrect/incomplete courses which would discredit Lingvist for some users). On the other hand, it would really create a unique learning opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands, of languages that the Devs themselves would never be able to manage themselves!

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