I learned 1875 new Spanish words and the app tells me I finished the course!

Hi guys,

A weird thing just happened today.
I'm doing my regular daily 100 cards and after I finished the 100 cards, I continued to go through more cards to meet my daily goal of 20 new words, and I got the message that I finished the course.
I thought Spanish had just over 3000 words, what's going on here?

I use Lingvist on several devices (iPhone, PC, an Android phone and an Android tablet). The count on the iPhone app doesn't update properly either.

What's going on, anyone else have a problem with this?

Hello, Silkandspice,

I see this plenty of times in the community and it's a fairly common misconception. When Lingvist says you have "finished" your course, it basically is telling you that you know enough words to that language in order to get by, whether it be reading, speaking or listening. As long as there are more words in the word bank you are more than able to keep going and/or continue practicing already learned words!

I'm more inclined to think that there was a glitch in the app because it offered me the option to have a linguist graduate tag on here. The app wouldn't give me any new words (I had a few left before reaching my daily goal of 20 new words). Then I went to try to continue on the desktop version and it worked just fine.

If this is how they set it up based on your comment then I think it's weird to word it in such a way instead of just saying something along the lines of "congrats you now know enough words to..." which would be motivating to a learner instead of saying we're completed the course when we in fact have not.
It seems counterintuitive to tell users they're done and then stop giving new words which could discourage further app use. Also the challenges didn't work for me last night either so it's making me think that something was up with the app.

It's a glitch, happened to me too in the French course.

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