The process os learning and visualizing

  • I realized that using Android app I remember the position of the word instead of the meaning. For instance, if I'm learning three words and they appear at the beginning, middle and end of the sentence... my brain looks like learning the position, not the meaning of the word!
    Some examples:
    ________ sentence sentence.
    Sentence ________ sentence sentence.
    Sentence sentence ______.
    Sentence sentence sentence sentence

    Is this supposed to occur? Is this part of the method?

    I also miss "image/context" reference of a word or sentence.

    Will I really learn new words?
    I feel like just relearning/remembering words that I have already studied in the book-based courses and Duolingo.
    That is, I have much difficulty to learn the new ones... and it feels like remembering positions instead of real meanings.

    Sometimes I feel like memorizing the entire sentence, not the new word itself. That is if I try to create a new sentence I need to remember the entire old sentence to then get the meaning of a word.

    Why does context not change? Why the word we are learning is always in the same sentence?

    What of all this is intentional and part of the method and what is a limitation of the tool?

    Thank you very much

  • This reinforces that "position" and also "size" of the _______ space is influencing in a good or bad way the learning process. I just can't decide it yet because I have used it for just 4or 5 days.

  • I also realize that when I am learning 2 new words (new for real) and they appear, for instance, at the end of a sentence... I use to write the wrong word. That is, as we see many meanings and phrases, it is kind of difficult to remember the meaning without images.
    Sentence sentence word1. vs. Sentence sentence word2.

    If the correct word is word1 and I wrote word2, a suggestion would be showing what word2 really means so that I could compare the meanings that I am struggling.

    It could be generalized to: when the user writes a "wrong" word but this word actually exists in the dictionary... show the meaning of the wrong word to the user so that the comparison and clarification of the mistake are enlighted.

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