Visualizing progress of leaning new words

  • I think it is missing a way to visualize our progress about new words, a way to visualize the efficiency of the method.

    For instance, how can I see the progress over time of learning words?

    A graphic showing a line going Up (remembered) and Down (forget) for each word over time would be something.

    How to visualize the latest new words that I did not know? Many words I already know, and I am just remembering from other courses, despite the system consider it as new.

    I think the feeling of "localization" in process of learning can better localize the student in the learning process. Visualization is the key and very motivational. We all like to see some good graphics showing our progress.


  • works@Lingvist

    Hey, @Henry-Heberle!

    First of all, very good observations! It's thrilling to have inquisitive learners yearning for a deeper learning experience. At the moment, the app is built in a way that it doesn't burden you with visualisations of individual words over time. Instead, it stacks all the reviews which are due in a repeat queue, keeping you out of rumination over individual words and their stickiness in your memory. As explained in my earlier post about spaced repetition, the formula calculates the most optimal time for each word's review, based on your learning history.

    But I couldn't agree more that graphs are very motivational and viewing one's visualised progress is a great learning aid. We are planning to introduce some cool graphs in 2018, in our paid plans (and I'm passing your suggestion to our designers now!). Hope to see you learning with us by then. Trial versions of Lingvist will be available for all learners who chose to remain on the free plan.

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