Any beginner using only Lingvist to learn? Is Lingvist for beginner?

Is there any beginner using only Lingvist to learn?

I know it is better to learn using more than one resource.

But I am considering the situation where someone prefers to follow one at a time.

Would be Lingvist the first to try?

Does anyone have experiences to share?

I feel like reviewing words I know and having big difficulty to learn new ones.

I feel like this is an app for review and exploration of words in different contexts, or learning some new words after being at an intermediate level. But for beginners, I don't know.

What do you think, considering the same spent time, is it easier for a beginner A1 to learn using lingvist, duolingo, fluentU/Yabla (videos) or textbook like Studio 21?
How about a level A2, where the student already knows some structures of Deutsch language?

Suppose that the student wants to pick only one option and that they all motivate equally. I mean, consider the methods of each "tool", learning by sentences and improved repetition algorithm (lingvist), learning by contexts (tree) texts and figures and repetition (duolingo), learning by videos (fluentu yabla), learning by reading texts, studying grammar and making exercises (book).

Thank you

The question is too broad, what is your goal? Do you want to be able to speak first, to read, to write?


Hi @Henry-Heberle, great question you asked! Our team has attended a polyglot gathering earlier this year, where people who (on average) speak 5-6 languages shared their best practices about language learning. Many polyglots reported that learning with different tools makes their language learning deeper. So, way to go for diversifying your sources!

As for reviewing and learning new words, Lingvist app runs on the spaced repetition formula, which is also called optimal reviewing sometimes. You can read more about spaced repetition in this forum post.

I've looked into your account and noticed that—based on your initial answers—you were not offered the language placement test in the English>German course. This means that based on your answers it was more optimal for you to start learning from scratch. In the last days, your correctness level was around 50%. According to the optimal repetition regimen, you need to review the words that you are struggling with first before you can go ahead to learn new words. As soon as you see a new word it becomes a repeat, and thus increases the burden on your review stack (therefore, in order to facilitate your words acquisition you should master words that you are struggling with first).

The new words will start showing up. I can see that during the last 4 days you have been learning every day. This is a great approach. If you keep up with the same routine, you will eventually remember the words that are challenging now and will start learning new.

It does, however, seem that your learning curve might be steep, as you are a complete beginner (this would, however, happen with any platform you choose - after the initial excitement from trying something new naturally recedes, we are left with a rock of data to sculpt our knowledge). I am learning German from scratch with the app myself and can relate.

Hope this sheds some light. If it can give you the motivation to persevere that'd be fantastic!

P.S. Go through The Stacks folder to browse for resources and add your own there as well, it seems that you might have a few under your belt :)

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