Algorithm falling apart

  • Course: English
    Level: 50
    Platform: Windows PC
    Browser: Firefox 57

    Hi, since I finished the English course (Level 50 – 5013 words) the algorithm has been behaving abnormally, and today I entered a loop triggered by the misspelling of the word commissioned.

    I misspelled only one time the word commissioned and I entered the loop:

    He was commissioned to paint a portrait
    Always read the full contract when signing a lease or rental agreement
    They are still learners, so they are likely to make mistakes

    After ten times – yes, ten times – each sentence I decided to log out and log in. The result: nothing, the same loop again (15 times each sentence in a row so far).

    Could you please check what is going on?


  • I believe this is the best answer:

    "I'm sorry to hear you've recently not experienced the product at its best. Right now we're rolling out a new algorithm in some of our courses and it’s exposed some shortcomings which we’re already in the process of fixing. Essentially, the algorithm should adapt to your personal memory strength quicker than it currently does. This means correctly answered words come back a lot sooner than before, resulting in not seeing new words for a long time. Since we’re rolling out the new algorithm course by course, it’s not been applied to Russian or Spanish, which explains the differences you’ve noticed.

    This issue can be more frustrating for those with better memorisation abilities. If you find that’s the case for you, until the issue is fixed I’d recommend checking out our new challenges area which is full of speaking, reading and listening exercises."

    source: Not getting new words in German course + repeat stack stuck at 0

  • Lingvist graduate

    I entered a two word loop today in the French course. It didn't last long, maybe 5 or 6 iterations.

    It happened at midnight, 12 am exactly.

    It happened when I had 1 word left in my repeat stack. (it kept changing from 1 to 2).

  • @Leonardo-Makoto-Kawahara @Juan-Pazos There are some reports of the bug coming back after some sentences, you can read at the end of the following thread:

    Furthermore, I've detected a small repetition under the sequence:

    • 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ...

    where each number represents a different sentence. But maybe it is part of the 'new' algorithm.

    I'll be testing it and will report back

  • Lingvist graduate

    @leonardo-makoto-kawahara Yeah, it's fixed here too : )

  • Lingvist graduate

    it is fixed now somehow

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  • Lingvist graduate

    Hello guys,
    In the last two or three days, I've been doing the english to french course, and I keep getting the same words over and over, and the number of words I have to review stays close to 60, always
    I've also completed the french course.
    This started to happen at the same time as the algorithm in the german course (appear to have) changed. Now the cards that I get wrong seem to appear more to me, and I can review them more frequently.
    Before I was really frustrated with the german course, since my rate of correct cards was in average 50%, but now it is 90%.

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  • Lingvist graduate

    I sometimes face the same issue with French. I've completed the course with 5059 words, but I want to keep doing it till I get all of them right all the time. But since I've completed it, I sometimes get into these loops of repeating the same cards, it takes quite a while to get out of them.

    Course: French
    Platform: OSX El Capitan
    Browser: Chrome 62

  • Thank you for feedback. I notified our devs about the bug.

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