After a recent update of the app, the daily achievement icon of 50 cards has disappeared. I found these achievements an encouraging incentive, I'd like them back. Also, the number count on the app is troublesome on the first 10 cards or so. I've noticed the app will display 4 cards, when I've done 7-8 for example. I logged into the website today, and the number of cards displayed are correct as opposed to the app - is this due to some bug?

PPS. Why did you remove the seconds on the app? I found it to be rather handy ;-)

Many thanks,


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Thanks for the post.

We are re-working the "goals" part, they will be coming back to the app soon on a bit changed way.

Which app are you using, IOS or Android one?

We can then check over to app to make sure that it behaves well.

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