How long does it really take to learn 2000 words in another language?

I saw the post on the blog and it motivated me

After some days of use, I realize that I am learning 5 words a day, despite the app says to me that I am learning ~30. I am a beginner German learner with only some months of regular book-based course.

My question is: that blog post seems really wrong and not scientific in the sense that it lacks information about the method used to compute those conclusions.

Where the user beginners? Is 2000 the difference between the "starting" and "ending" counts of words? The counts of words mean what? If in my case ~30 mean ~5, and I am doing 30 per hour, in 17 will I learn 2000 words, really? The numbers do not seem right.

I do not think I am the worst learner in the entire World to get like 100-200 in 17 hours (6-11 w/h) words instead of 2000 in 17 hours (117 w/h). Actually, I was always the "Middle-Best "student of my classes (English, University, German...) What is wrong here?

Am I missing something? Could you explain better with more data? I think updating the blog post should be considered as well so that it can be clear. I guess a really misunderstood the blog post. =\

Many thanks

I miss [edit] button here. I did some mistakes and I can't edit. like "where the user beginners?" should be "were the users beginners?" etc

@henry-heberle said in How long does it really take to learn 2000 words in another language?:

If in my case ~30 mean ~5

Here 30 is the number Lingvist show me as "new words" and 5 is actually the number of new words I saw on cards a day.

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