Is it part of the idea of the application getting stuck in 4 or 5 words?

  • At one point the system included 4 new words. After a while, they reappeared. I have not learned them yet and I have trouble with them. They appeared about 6 followed times each, or more, then becoming annoying... because I kept being asked to write them and I could not differentiate the 4 because I have not learned them yet. Also, besides not knowing how to write, sometimes I thought it was a word but it was another, and still wrote it wrong. Suddenly another new word was included ... What do you mean? I did not understand. What is the reason for this? If you're showing me words repeatedly intensively enough to even make me frustrated that I can not fill in the cards for several times in a row ... and nothing is done by the system so I can get out of that frustrating feeling.

    I intended to try the system for 30 days, but today I was too unmotivated. Am I missing something?

    Also, the graphics I see do not motivate me. The learning curve is going to Zero... (I guess it is a learning curve, it is not defined, there is no legend). Am I doing something wrong or is the system not for my personality type (INTJ) or what?

    What I am feeling is that this system is for Intermediate and Advanced Levels keep practicing writing an reading to not forget common words that they don't get in contact daily. Is that it?


  • last message on a similar thread:
    same problem here with german course, I cannot learn new words in these last days though i correctly review the stack of words prescribed.
    hope it will be fixed soon ( quite irritating i share the same opinion) , i love this app.

  • I think the system lacks information about patience... when we got stuck and see no new words for some days... it is confusing... we don't know if the system is working or not.

    Also, the system lacks tools to see the learning process and progression and, mainly, a place where we could see if we really learned the words... putting them in other texts.

  • I noticed that we need to go with patience. I got 3 days with no new words because I've done just 100~120 words a day. I was reviewing 120 words... After 3 days, the "last known" words started to appear at position 60 instead of position 100 or 120 like the days before. Then new words started to be shown in position 95, 110, 140... many new words. I guess now I will start a new "section" of training these new words without getting more new words for some time until I get higher accuracy. Then it will start showing more a bag of new words.
    I don't know if it is the best approach... staying days just reviewing and when you get new words they come like A LOT of new words at the same time. Another possibility would give us new words, very slowly in every 30 correct words... something like this. Not a bunch of new words at the same time.

  • I've already written two post about this 'issue', it seem to be a problem with the algorithm. So, you're not alone.

    Scratching the surface

    Algorithm falling apart

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