Is there a practice mode for "THE LEARNT" words? and Why can't I remember new words?

  • Hi. Is there a practice mode for "THE LEARNT" words?

    I am trying to learn the Spanish language and I can't remember anything. I am repeating again and again but it doesn't want to go into my brain. I am not a native English speaker but even when I was 7-8 years old I didn't have such problems with remembering words. I am learning every day around 100 words in English for about 1-2 hours but I can't remember even 20 spanish words for this timespan. Why is that? Why doesn't my brain want to handle these spanish words?

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    I don't know what your native language is, but maybe you have less familiarity with Spanish vocabulary than you had with English when you were learning. I'm learning French and my method for memorizing words is relating words to other words, either in French or in other languages I know.

    Some examples:

    • French word FOUR (oven) ~ French word FOURCHETTE (fork)
    • French word AVÉRER (prove) ~ French word VRAI (true)
    • French word SOIN (care) ~ Portuguese word SÃO (healthy)
    • French word CHOU (sweetheart) ~ Portuguese word CHUCHU (slang term for complimenting a woman)
    • French word GRENOUILLE (frog) ~ English word GREEN—also the ‘grenouille’ noun being relatively lengthy makes me think of the long mouth that a frog has.

    I think 95% of the French words I know have some relationship like these in my mind. I almost never rely on rote memory, it's always contextual/mnemonic to me. Sometimes to see a relationship demands a little time and a stretch of the imagination, but once I establish it I almost never forget.

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