Stuck in the same place [Deutsch]

  • I've been practicing German for the last couple of hours intermittently and I haven't been able to progress beyond 29 cards.

    I can get new cards but the counter stays at 29 for the most part (occasionally goes to 30, 31, back to 29, was at 70 and 103 at another point then reverted).

    The "new" words are the same recycled new words for the day and it does not continue progression if I get those right, rather it just re presents them as new cards again.

    I've tried two different browsers (I've previously never had this issue on either browser).

  • Sorry Lyndsay, back to looping here also.

    Not sure if it helps but I was on the words; deshalb, blick, bliebt, and entscheidung.

    All I really did was keep trying and eventually it temporarily fixed itself. But now my cards are in the hundreds (not reset) and the number keeps jumping around.

  • Lingvist graduate

    I was having this issue for a few days and yesterday, I thought it had fixed itself. I started getting new cards and I was relieved! I started practicing again this morning and it was back to looping. Hopefully you won't encounter the same thing!

  • Lucky you!

    Could you describe exactly what did you do between the moment you encountered the problem and got out of the loop?


    Currently there are some other accounts affected:

  • Not sure if I should feel foolish, but after posting this thread the problem fix itself somehow.

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