Not getting new words in German course + repeat stack stuck at 0

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Hi everyone ,

I'm currently at level 15 in German language. For 5 consecutive days I did not get any new words although I had a very high repetition score ~ 90%. Also my repeat stack is stuck at 0. Screenshot of the history graph - .
Is anyone having the same issue? Thanks in advance.

All the respect for the app, but the customer support here in the forum ist Scheiße.

So, in the meantime I've read the FAQ and it clearly says:

When will new words come up? I’ve completed X number of cards and am not getting any!
You’re definitely on the right track! New words will be coming to you once the repeat stack is down to zero. You can check your repeat stack by going to My progress > Today > Words to repeat!

My repeat stack has been stuck for 1 week now, and still there are no new words available. Can someone please just confirm that this is a known bug and that there is work in progress on fixing it?
I'm slowly but steadily loosing the motivation for using the app since I'm not getting any new words and I'm having >90% correct repetition rate.

Still hoping to get an answer :)


OK, so I have good news for anyone one who runs into the same (kind of) problem.
I tried my best to do as many cards as I can in a single day without getting demotivated by lack of new words. Endlich when I got to the card number 362 or so I GOT A NEW WORD. I have to admit that I was really really excited when I saw the orange New word sign. New words kept coming and in the next 80 cards or so I got 22 new words so I was actually able to get the 20 new words daily achievement.

It's also wort nothing that after adding 22 new words to my vocabulary repeat stack is still stuck at 0 (ZERO). So the bug is still present, but at least I know that after doing insane amount of cards in a day I'm able to get a handful of new words.

I hope my experiences helps someone.

To the customer support : <sarcasm> Danke für Ihre gute Beratung </sarcasm>
To everyone else : Viel Glück mit lernen

I also have been having this problem.

I'm using Lingvist for three languages: Spanish, German, and Russian. Oddly, I thought I knew German best of all, Spanish next best, and Russian worst, but it said that I knew far more words in Spanish relative to German, which puzzles me, I feel like my reading and listening comprehension are superior in German to Spanish.

I notice a weird disparity too in the speed through which I'm advancing in German. For example, with today's stats, for Spanish, I got 83% correct repeats, and was given 42 new words. For German, I did 100 words and was not given a single new word!!! I went extra far to meet and exceed my new word goal...I did 159 words in the end...had 88% correct repeats, and was only given 29 new words.

I don't understand this. Even in Russian, where I perform poorly, I am given more new words. For example, today in Russian I did 106 cards, had a low correct repeat rate of only 59%, but was still given 20 new words.

This all makes no sense to me. I would expect to be given more new words if I'm getting more stuff correct.

It's also frustrating and unfortunate to hear that the customer experience here is poor. I have been using DuoLingo for the past two years and I have recently gotten really frustrated with it because the team there is so incredibly non-communicative and non-responsive, I've reported numerous bugs and seen probably 90%+ of the bugs I report go un-fixed for months, some of them years even...I have submitted dozens of bug reports but never received a personalized reply, only automated ones.

I would like to think that this site is at least seems less buggy...but I really wish the team were responsive. Maybe I can try submitting a bug report or contacting them about this and seeing if they can address this.

Today I got 99 correct repeats, and no new words. My repeat stack still has 10 cards in it, even after doing 100 cards.

Please someone fix this, it's really frustrating and I think after today I'm going to stop doing the German course which is a shame cause Lingvist is a great tool but this is just a waste of my time.

It's also frustrating to have a complete lack of communication from the official team about this matter.

And they're advertising paid services? Why would I want to pay money to a company that's not fixing bugs like this. I don't care about new features, I want a company to be responsive to my concerns and to actually fix features. I'd be willing to pay for that.

Well, maybe a different problem but I think the algorithm lost its mind about a week ago. It keeps having me do the same couple hundred words over and over, even though my correct rate is now 99% (with the 1% mainly due to typos). I don’t have time to get through the 300+ repeats each day so I’m not sure if it’ll give me new ones after or not. Also, the completed word number gets bugged a lot and starts reverting back to a number every ten words or so. So many does not inspire confidence even though the core app is very convenient

This might actually be the same seems to be giving me the exact same set of words in the same order (although I'm not 100% sure). At either rate, it's clearly broken for all of us.

I really hope we can get their attention and that they can get on this and fix it soon.


I'm sorry to hear you've recently not experienced the product at its best. Right now we're rolling out a new algorithm in some of our courses and it’s exposed some shortcomings which we’re already in the process of fixing. Essentially, the algorithm should adapt to your personal memory strength quicker than it currently does. This means correctly answered words come back a lot sooner than before, resulting in not seeing new words for a long time. Since we’re rolling out the new algorithm course by course, it’s not been applied to Russian or Spanish, which explains the differences you’ve noticed.

This issue can be more frustrating for those with better memorisation abilities. If you find that’s the case for you, until the issue is fixed I’d recommend checking out our new challenges area which is full of speaking, reading and listening exercises.

Thank you so much for the reply!

I am glad that you are aware of this problem, and I hope you can get it worked out in a timely fashion!

I also hope you can work out the kinks with the new algorithm before applying it to the other courses! I am content to just practice the other two courses while I wait to get this resolved.

Good luck getting this sorted out!

@mikk-tõnissoo I appreciate you getting back to us, although your advice falls a little flat given that the challenge area appears to be unreleased for German. I guess German is the neglected stepchild of the bunch. We don't get the new toys, and then get experimented on for the benefit of the others. Well, here's to hoping you improve the algorithm. Even before there was a lot of room for improvement (probably should mix new cards with old cards to improve retention and avoid memory interference, and in the past didn't adapt well to individuals to maintain a sufficiently high retention rate, but now you seem to have overshot)

Is there a chance to have this bug issued in the nearest future? Still have to do 300+ words per day to get new words. All the words I repeat I already know by heart... Thanks!


That’s strange. The bug seems to have resolved itself for me in the last patch (or maybe it just finally stabilized on its own). Have you been going through many cards? It may be that the new algorithm will need some time to adapt and fix the scheduling issues from the previous one

@colin-hagemeyer Hi, I still have 386 cards to go through. Did you try every cards that you had to go? Should I try to do it??

Well, here’s what happened for me: during the bug I would review maybe 150-200 cards each day at a near 100% correct rate, but then the number of review words would very quickly return to ~400. After the update the number of review words didn’t change, but the it stopped refilling so quickly. Now It’s having me review a more reasonable ~100 per day at about a 80% correct repeat rate

@colin-hagemeyer Thanks for your reply! I did all my words for today + 20 new words (in total more that 300). Let's see how it will look tomorrow. Hope the bug will be resolved for me as well.

Hi everyone, thank you for reaching out to us through the forum.

As those of you here have noticed, we rolled out a new algorithm a few weeks ago.

For a small group of existing users who were transitioning from the old to the new algorithm, the new algorithm was significantly underestimating their memory abilities - this is why you were seeing the same repeat stack every day.

A fix was rolled out last Friday (22 Dec), however your current repeat stack may contain cards that were put there by the buggy algorithm, so in order to start using the fixed algorithm you need to clear your repeat stack.

I realise it is far from pleasant to be cleaning up a large repeat stack, especially when the cause of it was a mistake in our algorithm. I could offer you account resets, but it isn’t optimal because your learning history will be lost. I hope that this temporary pain will be outweighed by the benefits you will gain from learning with our new algorithm! It will take some time for this new algorithm to adapt to you, but if you're still seeing the same issue after persisting for a few days do let us know.

Thank you for your patience and do not hesitate to send us your feedback. It is really useful for us to identify ways of improving our algorithms and potential issues, so please pipe up if you notice that something isn't working right for you!


For me nothing has changed. My repeat stack is still saying that I have 0 cards to review and new words aren't coming up when I do a regular number of cards (100-150) with a ~90% correct rate. I decided to give the app a little rest since I learned all the cards by heart and don't have enough time each day to go through more than 300 cards. This happening in the moment when they are launching Lingvist Unlimited is making me stop using the app rather than subscribing.
While I was writing this post we got a reply from a developer. @Faye your explanation gives hope but doesn't answer my original issue with repeat stack(Word to practice) having the value 0 (zero) for 3 weeks now.

Fayne said in /forum/post/3325:

I could offer you account resets, but it isn’t optimal because your learning history will be lost.

Well, it is just the "repeat list" which needs to be manually cleared for some accounts (either by the user, which is not yet supported - or by a backend script which clears the data on the stack in the DB), not necessarily the whole learning account / course :-)

As far as I understand, your development backend team has not yet those "tools" available, to manually start processes like this....
.............or maybe the SR / stack system is that closed that it is not possible like clearing a database table, submitting a SQL "delete from x where y = 'user' and ..."?

Too bad....could be an interesting enhancement for the future ;)

@colin-hagemeyer Thanks for your reply, Well...seems like I have to try or...reset my account....

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