Is 5000 words goal dead?

  • Linguist has always stated that learning 5000 words is important. It actually still states in the app (in the statistics tab) that once one person learns 5000 words a language starts to become really useful. The current Spanish curse has unfortunately not 5000 but only 3800 words, which in addition are sometimes the different conjugations of the same verb. So i was really looking for premium and a paid version of linguist. I thought that's when the guys get the financial resources to finish the course and will reach 5000 words maybe even without duplicates. Unfortunately the announcement for lingvist unlimited now only talks about 4000 words max. That's a little bit disappointing since that was not the message of lingvist for years. Is 5000 words goal really dead for the lingvist team?

  • 4000 vs 5000 words:

    They seem to have typing errors in their newsletters!

    EN (4000):
    PT (5000):

    The thing with the "Lingvist Free" variant is, that they now have plans to cut at 3000 words, even they still allow to study 50 NEW words (e.g instead of 10/15/20 words) each day.

  • Lingvist graduate

    They also said we should aim at 150 words per day in the FAQ, but it got changed to 100.

  • That's the thing, they now state that the max available sentences will be 4000 and not 5000. So there will be max 40 levels and not 50. This seems strange since they claimed that knowing 5000 words is a sweetspot number for vocabulary.

  • @Ig-Or You are right, you won't see all the available words/sentences because the Lingvist algorithm 'adapts' to our language level and trains us accordingly. I already wrote about the same 'issue'. So you are not alone.

    "Supposedly the English course has 5013 words/sentences, but as far as I understand the Lingvist algorithm 'adapts' to our language level and trains us accordingly. In other words, we will see just some words/sentences from the big pool available."

    source: Scratching the surface

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