Will Lingvist Unlimited cover all the languages you offer?

Ie, if I pay for a subscription, will I have the Unlimited features in all my courses?

I'm guessing I will, since there is nothing in your handy table of differences between the options to say I won't. But I just wanted to check before I part with my money... ;-)

Hmm, is this not the correct place for questions like this?

It should cover all courses. If not, it's limited to some courses and by definition can't be called "unlimited".. So it should have all that lingvist offers.

@olivier-ma-dongqiang Haha, that's a good point!

I bit the bullet and purchased a subscription, despite the lack of an official answer to this.

Actually my reply is just my wishful thinking.. Might be one day they will have lingvist Gold or lingvist Platinum or whatnot, and make unlimited obsolete, but I don't think that will happen any time soon :)

An official answer will be nice, but I guess they are a small team and are too busy at the end of the year, with problems on subscriptions and algorithms and new courses etc. etc.

@olivier-ma-dongqiang I actually just yesterday got a personal reply to this (they had read it here) while they were replying to something else I'd asked via email:

"Aha, yes — once you're subscribed you can access all available Unlimited features in all courses. Your subscription is not tied to a single course ;)"

So any future Platinum plans probably won't come into being at least during this year I've now paid for. :-D

@annika_a AFAIK, it covers all of the languages you’re learning.

I subscribed, and there is nothing new, am I doing something wrong? There are no speaking Dialoges or reading exercises or specialized courses or whatever was written on the description. It is really pain in the ass to contact with my bank for chargeback so please can someone explain me how to use these "unlimited" features if they really exist.

@farat-aydan The way I understood it, is that Unlimited means you can continue to use all the existing features (which vary across languages, at the moment). So basically, what you see now is what you saw on 31 December.

Had you not purchased Unlimited, you would now have a more restricted experience, with fewer total words and fewer new words available per day. And I assume they are continuing to add other features, so that all languages (probably except for the mini course in Estonian)) will have the same or similar features in the end.

As it is now, I have more features in Spanish and French than in Russian. But I'm expecting this to evolve during 2018.

@farat-aydan I wenr back to check the announcement and it does say "upcoming" for the challenges and specialized courses. Also, here's the description of the change:

"These premium features will be available for free to all Lingvist learners until the end of the year so you can see what they’re all about. Starting in 2018, these features, along with more upcoming ones, will be available as part of the Lingvist Unlimited subscription if you’d like to continue using them."

@annika_a I don't care about other languages I am learning German and there is absolutely no change for German, I tried it from another account also, free version is exactly same with my payed version, 2018 already started and no extra features. So basically I payed for nothing and they sold me something that doesn't exist. Like I said on the other thread also they could just keep my billing info and charge the money when those new features are added for German language or they could simply write it on the description that extra features are going to be available for only certain languages. This is just a scam and it is really annoying how they treat people like idiots.

@maughanster no it doesn't. It does nothing for German.

@farat-aydan You might not see any differences because the staff gave everyone a trial of it, until the new year. The word list should still be there (it’s gone when not in unlimited) and plenty of other things.

@farat-aydan You might not see any differences because the staff gave everyone a trial of it, until the new year. The word list should still be there (it’s gone when not in unlimited) and plenty of other things. Here is more information about it.

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