Payment system glitch for lingvist unlimited

Just saw the unlimited had been rolled out, so I was planning to subscribe. When I choose a one-year subscription with dollar payment, on the payment page the currency changes to euro. Can someone check this?

Hi Olivier!

Sorry for this confusing experience! It's not a glitch and the price you see in euros is the correct one.

To explain what is happening: currently our website doesn't detect your location whereas the payment page does. We're working on creating an uniform experience so you'd see a single currency across the different pages.

@ave Hmm this somehow confuses me even more because I actually live in Asia.. Anyway if it's not a glitch it's not a glitch.

@olivier-ma-dongqiang Hmm, that's indeed curious. Would you mind letting me know in which country are you currently? I'd like to have our team check this out.

@olivier-ma-dongqiang Are you perhaps using a VPN? If you are that would explain why you see the prices in euros on the payment page.

@ave No I'm not and I've never used a European VPN address. (I believe Hong Kong is not counted as part of Europe:)

@olivier-ma-dongqiang sorry for jumping to conclusions:) I'll check about this with our team.

This is ridiculous . I have the same problem . I recieve the email soliciting my membership which i choose to pay for the annual amount of 44.95$ , when i go to process my purchase it switches to 44.95€ not only is this false adverting , but your company replies and says the correct price is 44.95€ . Really ? I am very happy to proceed and buy the annual membershp at the stipulated price but to change and bill in € is deceptive .

Apologies for this confusing experience and it taking time for me to get back to you! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we've looked into what went wrong here and have made amendments.

Both prices — $44.95 and €44.95 are correct, but for different markets because they are influenced by tax regulations. The currency you’ll finally pay in is linked to your geographical location. It appears there was a misunderstanding in our technical setup, whereby you were communicated a different price than what was eventually displayed in the payment stage. We've fixed this.

Once more, I apologize for the confusion this created! By no means did we intend to trick you with the currencies, it’s been an honest mistake and we'll do our best to avoid similar confusions in the future.

I have paid for a year and had an email confirming this, but I only have exactly the same exercises as when it was free.

Hi @sonny-hayes! Our German exercises are taking a while longer than we initially planned. We're working on them and plan to have the first batch released to you in a few weeks time. Apologies for the delay!

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