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    1. As I see the lingvist offers to study only British English, for some reason nowhere is it said about it and I wonder if American English is planned?
      At first, I really liked the concept of learning new words in context, but I'm not very pleased with the British accent of the announcer and I would like to learn American English, and I'm afraid that lessons in the lingvist will be harmful to me. Is "harmful" suitable for this context? ^^
    2. Sometimes the context is proverbs, well-established expressions or something like that and I can not understand the translation. Obviously, the translation of individual words is useless in this case. So is it possible to provide a translation for such cards? For example, a card with the word "matters", I do not remember the whole sentence, unfortunately(
      English is not my native language, sorry for mistakes...

  • @Il-ya-Tomberg

    • Do you have any thoughts on this matter?
    • It's a matter of principle
    • It's just a matter of opinion
    • We combined our forces to investigate the matter
    • We did not dare pursue the matter further
    • We need to examine the facts of the matter very closely

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