Hi there,
Not a massively big deal but I think Lingvist could benefit a 'night mode' theme option.

While I really like lingvists clean design aesthetic, I get tried eyes from looking at bright white screen for more than 20mins and an option that switches the white BG to a dark/medium grey would be nice. :)

Just thought would share.


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Hey Harry :)

Thanks for your feedback! We've decided to give you, and our forum users, a little sneak peak at something we are working on. I've attached 2 screen shots of our forthcoming dark theme which we are calling 'cosmos' (the current light theme will be called 'paper').

It's been designed for pretty much the reasons you mention above and it's something the whole team is quite excited about.

'Cosmos' will be available on iOS applications in a few weeks, with Android and the browser application following suite!

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Great to hear that this is something you guys are working on!


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