No new words for several days

  • I'm a new user and am up to almost 800 new words. But for the last two days I haven't received a single new word, despite the fact that I did 150 flashcards one day and 250 the other AND average at 90% correct. I'm wondering how to get some new words without spending hours and hours!

  • Hello!
    I have some problems for a few days now in my French course. I have zero words to practice and zero new words. I'm also revising German, and I don't have that problem there.
    Don't know if that's relevant, but I have free subscription, and I didn't reach 3000 words in any language.
    Other than this, your application is really great and fun! 😄

  • Not that anyone needs a day-by-day on this, but today everything started working the way it was a couple months ago. Hopefully this is a permanent fix, not a blip. Thanks!

  • For kicks, I tried today to see how many cards I need to complete to get 20 new words. My initial repeat stack was about 110 words and I got 80% of repeats correct. It took me 209 cards to finally get 20 new words.

    Even when the new words start appearing, it's very slow going. You'll get one new word, then the algorithm wants to repeat several old words. To further compound matter, the algorithm wants to repeat even the new words from today a few times before it'll give me more new words. So I'm stuck repeating the first 10 new words several times before I can get the next 10. That's a big change from a couple months ago.

  • @Mikk-Tõnissoo
    Thanks for your reply. I'm hoping the algorithm gets tweaked sooner than later. The only way I was able to get new words (a few days ago) was by doing 175 words in a day, which is well above my 100 goal. At 100 words per day, I don't even get through the repeat stack, so I'm regularly doing extra just to stay even, but without learning anything new.
    Please let us know when the repetition interval is lengthened. Thanks for your work!

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi all, we're actively monitoring the new algo and will be improving it as we get feedback. A known issue currently is getting already memorised words to repeat again and again. We are in the process of developing a solution for this and will let you know once it has gone out.


    You also have the new algorithm to which we applied a fix but it takes time to clear the previous repeat stack. I see you've actually started getting new words recently.


    You've also encountered the same issue as others, getting asked to repeat words which you have already memorised. The intervals between such repetitions should be much longer than currently and we're looking into it. I see you've got some new words from a few days ago, so as long as you keep clearing your repeat stack you will get more.


    Same issue as above, we'll update once further improvements have been applied.


    Sorry about that, the repetition intervals are increasing too slowly for you which is why you see growing number of repetitions for words which you already have memorised well enough. We're looking into this issue and will update once further improvements have been made.

  • So things were going well for awhile, lots of new words, especially because I was spending several hours (or more) a day at it. But now, I don't have as much time and my repeat stack is getting bigger by the day (up to 1000 now!). This is despite the fact that I get over 90% correct on days without new words. If I have to get my repeat stack all the way down in order to get new words, I can't imagine when I'm going to get any! This really does take the fun out of it . . . (and I have a paid account)

  • I've had 5 weeks stuck on 1096 words learning German. Would love the fix as the app is really excellent.

  • I've been experiencing the same problem for several weeks now. I (almost) always complete my 100 words per day, but I continually get the same words, even if I've answered them consistently correctly. Today, for instance, I've already done 56 words with 100% accuracy--I haven't missed any words yet because I've seen this words repeatedly.

    At 100 words/day, I'm never getting new words. Why do I keep getting words that I've mastered?

  • @mikk-tõnissoo Hi, Mikk, I got the problem on the new algorithm. It keeps repeating the words I have been familiarising with. Would you be able to check?

  • Thanks, Mikk. Yes, I actually have been getting a ton of new words - enough that I need to slow and make sure I've learned them firmly! I appreciate your work on this and continue to really enjoy Lingvist - in fact, I've been sick for a couple of weeks and 'playing' on your app has really helped to pass all the hours lying around.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi all, sorry for the delayed response, I'll try to address all issues separately

    You have been experiencing our new algorithm for spaced repetition logic. We have since applied a fix that should track your memory strength more accurately. I see that you've actually cleared your repeat stack now and started seeing new words.

    What do you see in your repeat stack counter? In order to get to new words you will need to clear all the words in your repeat stack and this counter would have to go to 0.

    I see you got 10 new words in your last practise session on Dec 30 so it looks like your repeat stack was not empty at the time.

    You have actually finished the course, there are 3772 words in the German to English course. There seems to be a bug in the dashboard which shows 5000 words for this course, I have noted this down.

    You have been experiencing our new algorithm for spaced repetition logic. We have since applied a fix that should track your memory strength more accurately. I see you actually got 5 new words on Dec 29 but have taken a longer break so it might take a few hundred cards to clear your repeat stack but this is expected.

  • I'm learning French too and I'm facing the same issue...

  • I have the same issue. I'm learning French but have not seen any new words for days. I have paid for an annual subscription.

  • I am learning English. At 3757 words was told I would have been finished. The old words constantly repeat. Aren't there missing 1243 vocabularies?

  • I am learning German, and have the same problem. the old words repeat again and again.

  • Sorry, I should have said - I'm learning French

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