Turned volume off before the website updated and now unable to turn it back on

  • I turned the volume off before the website updated and now I am unable to turn it back on. In the past, the volume icon was located on a white bar at the top of the screen but now this bar has been moved to the side and the volume icon is gone. Can anyone help?

  • @jordant813 That's easy fixable.

    You just have to zoom out by using the Strg/Ctrl hot key and using your mouse scroll wheel in the middle.

    On a Laptop you can use the up-/down arrow keys - the same Laptop keys are used when you scroll a webpage up or down.

    So just hit and hold the Ctrl hot key down, and you are good.

    The speaker icons are on the left side at the down panel.
    With your current web browser zooming factor they are not visible.

    More modern browsers like Firefox V52.5.2 ESR and newer blend in a zooming number on the right side of your URL text feld.

  • 0_1513931503832_Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 08.31.12.png

    This is what the website currently looks like for me.

  • Lingvist graduate

    Can you post a screenshot of the bar at the left?

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