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  • Lingvist graduate

    I'm not talking about manger vs mange vs manges etc..

    I'm talking about literally the same exact word with literally the same exact meaning being repeated in the course. Are these being counted as unique words?

  • Lingvist graduate

    I'm not talking about the same sentence being repeated over and over. I'm not talking about any algorithms bug.

    I'm talking about something like:

    J'aime le salad


    Je deteste le salad

    Two different cards.

    Is the word "salad" being counted twice?

  • Have you maybe finished your course?

    How often are these words repeated for 1-2 hours or per day for you?

    Do you have the problem that you don't learn new words?

    EVERY word will be repeated according to their spaced repetition (SR) in a defined timeframe.

    In other threads they are talking about to rollout a new algorithm where they have to bug-fix it, where you might see some words more often, as it seems not to be fixed like Memrise, but dynamically to each person.
    And somehow this algorithm does not behave like it "should" (OR it first has to learn from ground up).

    I did not get a clue for what courses they are doing this (probably not Spanish as stated, but maybe French?), and if there are still any repetition bugs or not and if they are already fixed.

    It seems to me this is BETA testing...

    Hopefully they do not drive you crazy....they already do with their constant repetitions for my Spanish course, as I have to learnfrom scratch and get many cards wrong the first time.

    I don't like it at all that constantly "on the fly" new cards wil be added (even for new repetitions, so I might see a word multiple times, e.g 3, 6 or more often) to the practice card deck and you can not exlude new review cards from a defined 15/20 or 100 learning session.

    It feels like a "endless learning/reviewing session, with no progress bar and no end.


    Maybe you can describe what your own problems are and hopefully someone from Lingvist answers you.
    I think you need to cross check threads from all sub forums (including German).

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