How am I supposed to pronounce an exclamation mark?

I'm trying out the challenges for the first time, in the "Les tailles" challenge, I'm supposed to pronounce C'est parfait !. It recognises the words fine, but it stops at the exclamation mark and it turns red.

I'm not sure what I'm expected to pronounce.

The sentence right next to that, Oui, j'adore ! has the same issue.

Same thing with the next exercise "A la recherche de la gare", it stops at the question mark.

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Just commenting to confirm that I had the same issue... for C'est parfait ! and for Oui, j'adore ! It would mark my pronunciation of the words correct (in green), but the exclamation mark would be marked as incorrect (in red), and it would ask me to repeat or skip the phrase. Finally ended up marking "skip" for each of those.

Unrelated but also in the convo: When I first tried the first French exercise on my laptop (Je voudrais un tee-shirt), it could not understand anything I said. I tried them again on my mobile app, and it worked much better (Although not with that sentence, which it recorded as Je voudrais un t-shirt and thus wrong). This could be a hardware issue (better voice recognition on phone, which has French language added), of course, but thought I'd mention it.

Were you using your laptop's built in mic? They suck. Mobile's mics are much better for obvious reasons.

It also doesn't recognise numbers, regardless of how you pronounce them.

It doesn't know that deux = 2.

Par exemple,

In the "Rendre un produit" challenge, there's a sentence you're supposed to pronounce Il y a deux semaines

If you pronounce it correctly, the result will be Il y a 2 semainesThe 2 will be red.

The bug above doesn't seem to happen all the time, I don't know what triggers it.

@michael It's happened every time Ive used it on my phone and laptop. I end up having to skip all the responses unless it ends in a period.

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