No placement test when starting a new course

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    I've already completed the German course and decided to start the Spanish course. Unlike with the German course, I was not given a placement test. It has just started me off with the very easy words, which is very annoying as I do already know some Spanish (even if it is getting a bit rusty).

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    Hi @Ziwei-Huang, are you learning one language / just one course? Because if you are, my guess is not worth my 2 cents 🙂

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    @thomas-heiss I tried the English for German speakers course. This time I did get all of the first 12 correct so it did give me the placement test. It still tested me out of ~1400 words, which I largely put down to one typo and a couple of cases where it didn't accept a synonym of the word it was looking for. So the placement test is working, albeit imperfectly.

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    @werabunga I got 5 pentagons on Dec 2, 6 on Dec 9, 4 on Dec 19. I still have no ideas why.

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    Hi, I think the blue pentagons stand for the 1, 2 or 3 goals you achieved on that day - but then, I'm just guessing 😉

  • @markybooth said in No placement test when starting a new course:

    Also, if I look under Progress > History, my stats for yesterday show a blue pentagon and 'x1'. I've never seen that before. Do you know if that's related and what it means?

    Interesting question!
    I would like to know this myself 🙂

    I have not found any tip about this in the Help / FAQ or threads...

    My own progress history statistics by the way say x2 for two days in a row, and x3 for the other day.

  • Hi rusty @markybooth 🙂

    I do not know how many Spanish words of those first 12 easy words you have to answer right to activate the placement test afterwards, but for me and taking the Spanish test successfully, it definitely was n o t ALL 12.

    Maybe 3, 4 or 5???
    I did not count.

    I "accidentally" got some of the first words, and some words for the placement test "right", because I could luckily guess the Spanish words directly from Portuguese.

    I started the English-Spanish course by the way, if it does matter from what L1 base/source language...

    Have I already written that my tested out words (from placement test) was a total of "18 Spanish words"? 😉

    Besides all PT<->SP 89% lexican similarities, there are still quite many different basic words in this language, if you have to start Spanish from scratch (with zero Memrise, Mondly, DuoLingo pre-knowledge).

    If you follow Lingvist's FAQs and tips how to create a 2nd Lingvist account with an e-mail alias, I am sure you can repeat your placement test. I would try it.

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    Also, if I look under Progress > History, my stats for yesterday show a blue pentagon and 'x1'. I've never seen that before. Do you know if that's related and what it means?

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    I never got that pop-up. I guess I made too many mistakes. Maybe I'm rustier than I thought and I probably should refresh these simple words anyway.

  • @markybooth

    I was confused the first time myself 🙂

    See their FAQ, either in the forum or in the learn web app area.

    Lingvist will ask about the first 12 easy words.

    AFTER that a popup will be shown stating, that you seem to know a bit of Spanish (if you got some of those 12 cards right), that your intro placement test will be followed and warns you:

    Some (not all) flashcards be marked with a special blue symbol.

    If you get those cards from the next 70/75 cards wrong, you will be poorly rated, like I did with my DE-EN and only tested out to 1666/4000 words, whereas I managed to test out 3322/5000 in the reverse EN-DE course (German native).

    There will be another message when the placement test is done and how you performed.

    If you click on the Progress / vocabulary tab, you can always see what you achieved.

    Don't let you confuse for yourself 🙂

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