Hi guys, I'm new to French. Any tips for a newbie. Thanks in advanced

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Just a random tip: something that helped me a lot was learning about the IPA for pronunciation help.
You don't have to learn the whole thing, just the symbols and sounds that make up french phonology. The following pages might be helpful:

Most dictionaries will give the pronounciation of words in the IPA, and I've
found this invaluable for learning how different words are pronounced.
Hope this helps! :)

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Focus on pronounciation is a good thing, because I able to understand someone who speak french with a lot of grammar mistakes but it will be difficult if "un" [œ̃], "on" [ɔ̃],"an"[ɑ̃] or "u" [y], "ou" [u] sound the same.
Some people are afraid by french grammar (especially conjugaison) but you don't need at all to know all the grammar to start speaking french.
Some tenses (présent, futur simple, passé composé et imparfait), accord feminin/masculin and singular/plurial for adjective, some articles and you're ready to speak.
Last but not least, listen "true" french on TV, radio... We don't speak french as we write it, sometimes we cut words or add little sound (liaison) between words. It is not complicate but it could be quite confusing at the beginning.


Hi there... we've got a list of tips coming up, so watch this space!

Thanks guys, I found that R is extremely difficult to pronounce since it comes from the throat, not the mouth. I get a sore throat whenever I try to pronounce it. Any tip to pronounce it right ;P ?

@thanhvannguyen944 there are some good videos on Youtube that help explain it, but otherwise it's just practice, practice, practice!

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First, of course if you want to sound french it is better to have the french "r" but it is not a obligation. Any "r" from the back or from the front (like russian or spanish) will do the work.
The big french "r" looks like a small "gargle" but without water ^^ And the small one, more likes a throat clearing. It is normal to have sore throat at the beginning but when your throat is sore, just take a break. French don't hurt themselves when they speak ;)

To dedramatise, Vladimir Fédorovski speak french, write book in french,he is often invited on TV or radio but he still using russian "r" : Video


@Marine said in TIPS LEARNING FRENCH?:

To dedramatise, Vladimir Fédorovski speak french, write book in french,he is often invited on TV or radio but he still using russian "r" : Video

Great point!

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The Youtube Channel 'DamonandJo' has tenses help.

@swalladge Along with IPA, there are website like dict.cc or Forvo where native speakers pronounce words in your target language, and that's invaluable if you e.g. want to make Anki cards.

@Phoenix Check out "Easy French" on Youtube.

Try to listen to a French radio channel. I have listened to France Bleu 107.1 for the Paris Region. They play French as well as international music. There are news, quisses, cooking and other topics. I understand that its very hard in the beginning to even understand singel words but if you give it try you will see that you slowly will understand more and more. I use TuneIn Android app to listen with my mobile. Nowadays i listen to Europe1 as well were they talk more frequently.

France Inter, France Info or News in Slow French on internet radio are pretty good too. All talk for most of the day.

@Nerdx I was about to say the same ! And they are funny :) Learning with fun is the best way to learn to my point of view !

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