Repeat stack is broken

  • My Spanish repeat stack behaves strangely. If i get a word wrong sometimes it goes down. If i get a card correct sometimes it goes up. Many times it doesn't move at all. Also, a ridiculous amount of cards keep getting added. I have to do around 200+ in a day just to get new words. Very frustrating.

  • @mrosenston It's still early days and they are rolling out updates pretty regularly. maybe some of the bugs will be fixed. I was reading about the new algorithm and that could explain some of the problems. Keep at it! Happy New Year!

  • @duncan-0 I can dig it. I like Duolingo a little better but I love the brightness and overall accessibility. Lingvist is pretty good but I have lost my momentum. I do at least 100 words about 5 times a week. I dont have long blocks of time to devote to study so in 15 minutes I can get do about 100 cards. But I either do 100 words or nothing. My success rate is about 70 to 80 percent. No worries tho. It is helping me progress. Bonne Chance and Happy New Year.

  • I think neither is perfect, but I've used both. Some of the English translations are not the most accurate in both too.

  • Yes, it can be frustrating. However, I found that if I practice for about an hour a day, doing 100 cards or more, with an accuracy rate of 90%, then the new words keep appearing. I have had days of 75 repeats, but those sessions were a result of not doing exercises daily, or making too many errors. I like this program more than Duolingo because the vocabulary is broader and the grammatical constructions are more complicated.

  • smoothsagetx i agree with a lot of your points. I would never pay for this, it doesn't work well enough to be worth money. I get discouraged with Lingvist too when I don't get new words and I go learn other places. I have the same issues in both German and Spanish. Also, it reviews the same words over and over and over again. A language is more than 250ish words. You can never learn if you are seeing the same words again and again and never reviewing others.

  • i dont know if it's broken . I think Lingvist slows the progress after a certain amount of words. I have not gotten a single new word in about 10 days and my stack has been on 13-30 for a week. It isnt as fun as it was when I was constantly learning new words daily. It makes it easy to skip days. I also feel like that 20 new words a day shouldnt be one of the goals. If it isnt something I can control I dont think it should be a goal. But I think the new quotas on words is stifling. I thought that if I reviewed 100 words a day I would get 20 new words but that's not how it works. The most I can learn with this is 2000 words for free and I've already learned 1000 in 2 months. It doesnt make sense for me to pay $50 to learn 3000 more words over 12 months when my goal is 6000 words. I thought Lingvist was step after Duolingo but its not. Good software and I know I learned alot with it but its just a review stack now. Which is not as fun but still useful. I used to think this was a more efficient way to progress in another language. I dont feel the same way anymore which is prolly a good thing because that new word gratification was getting addictive. I would be at it for like an hour and not notice.

  • Hi @mrosenston,

    I have also started the Spanish course.

    Please feel free to check my 9 days statistics and personal experiences (some details / summary written down) from 2 people from our "end of 2017 year" challenge on DuoLingo.

    I have linked it in the "2016 end of year challenge" thread:

    When the repeat stack goes up:
    It could be 3-7 card repeats, where you answered questions incorrectly.....OR.... that old cards from the database already reached their SR interval (maybe too soon to your personal taste).

    I also can agree that "words to practice" repeat does not always gets down when you answer a question, but it is not that bad that I would think that something is broken (probably if it was a new word and 3+ repeats, it won't get down).

    At least it was said in the other threads (e.g German), that their new algorithm was NOT rolled out to our Spanish course, so we were NOT affected by the bug and recent bugfix.


    • Every day I practice (longer) on Lingvist, I get new cards.
    • There are too many repetitions for difficult words / answered wrong, so I can not process as fast forward, as I would like it.
    • The spaced repetition SR interval for "learned words" is not known to me, if Lingvist has any 4h/12h/24h intervals like Memrise.
    • Yes, you need to do A LOT MORE than 100/150/200 cards, to get ~50-150 new words shown, if your accuracy is not 80/90%.

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