Too much focus on low-frequency meaning of words?

  • For certain words the standard Lingvist translation is, while technically correct, misleading to a learner. For example, the only translation offered for "schlecht" is nauseous. gives useful indications of the frequency of different translations. "Schlecht" is translated as "bad" 32,767 times, "poor" 1,265 times, and "nauseous" 87 times. I do not suggest redoing all the sentences to focus on high frequency meanings, however, when clicking on a word in the vocabulary list it would be nice if the high frequency meanings also appeared.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey Don!
    Thanks for your post. I very much agree with you. I changed this particular sentence so that it reflects schlecht in the highest frequency sense. We are also looking for a more long-term and wholesome solution to this sense issue.

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