How can I scroll down the Progress history for the past 12 days?

  • Hi all,

    @Marine @Lisa-Lingvist

    I tried three different web browsers

    • Firefox 52.5.2 (32-bit)
    • Opera 36 (=Chrome 49, 32-bit)
    • Maxthon 5 (32-bit)

    and sorry, I can NOT upgrade to the very latest Firefox Quantum V57, Chrome, Opera versions etc.

    These are hard limitations because of my OS.

    None of these browsers is able that I can scroll back to the past 7-12 days in my Progress History, when I am on zoom level 100% / 110% in the browser window.

    Only the last three days are visable (including the orange text new words, cards practiced and time spent per day).

    There is no scrollback on the right!!

    The latest Android app (I am running it on an emulator) supports of course fingertouch scrolling, but contains display bugs with some missing numbers for several days (line feed problems).
    I will open another troubleshooting thread with a detailed screenshot.

    I would like to take a screenshot as an PNG file for the past 12 days, so I could upload it to my thread about the "end of 2017 year challenge" from 12/20/17-12/31/13 and not only show individual days (Progress / today), but also a chart about all 11-12 days together (with ALL day / card / time statistics; only Progress-History supports that).

    I know this was somehow possible to do for someusers, as I have seen it in the 2006 year challenge.
    And Carlos from my DuoLingo challenge 2017 thread also showed me a web chart about his last 7-10 days in a row.

    How the heck is everyone doing this??

    I can not zoom out as this means a zooming factor of 50%, to display all 11 days from the past 2 weeks 😞

    Do I really have to use the very latest Chrome and Windows 10 systems, just to scroll and print a dumb chart of my progress? I do not have those!

    Is there any way on the Android emulator (V4.4) to take a better screenshot with their web browsers?
    I tried to login to the web portal site (mobile and full desktop) from Firefox V57, but the emu seems to miss the whole bottom screen.
    I see nothing.
    No solution at all.

    Please, please, Lingvist developers, add some scrollbars to the right, or even better, add a special web print screen, so I can select which days I want to print to a PNG image / PDF, etc.

    I am thankful for any tips!

    Ich wünsche allen ein gutes Neues Jahr!

    Viele Grüße / Yours sincerely


  • I could re-test with Firefox Quantum V57.x on a different computer.
    Same problems!

    I recognizes this additionally "history-scroller" div html element:

    [code][data-name="history"] > section.history > div.history-scroller {
    overflow-y: auto;

    Obviously, some scroll code is there, but it does NOT work on multiple browsers and versions (maybe only the latest Chrome??)!

    The "Progress / Today" tab however works fine for me with the scrollbar.

    Thanks, great tip!
    Your suggestion seems to partly fix it for the tab-open history tab.

    I have to admit it:
    I am completely lost on all this HTML stuff, but I would be interested to move this fix code to the Stylish plugin [or Greasemonkey], with no luck so far.

    How do you correctly address those "section. progress" and "" elements for overwrites?
    Copy & paste for sure does nothing at my test.

    Now I additionally even run into the same problems on the web like I do with the latest Android app and history:

    The very first day 12/20 (last bottom row) with all three words/accuracy/achievement numbers (2nd line below "hours spent") is completely cut off (panel / slider not long enough).

    Is it the same for you?

    On Android this happens for 3 day rows (even in the middle of the window), where on the website it is just for the very first (bottom) day.

    The main reason for this may be, that the html layout for the time row was not designed to brake across 2-3 lines, e.g

    • 201 cards in 40 min 16 sec (first day)
    • 1036 cards in 3 hr 8 min 48 sec (middle)

    On the Android app all longer lines with two or three digit numbers, and longer time spent (including minutes/seconds) corrupt the display of the following number line formatting!!

    Probably the whole progress panel on the website should have a different width, so those above time numbers easily fit in one single row!?!

    The total length of the history panel seems not to be long enough to contain all line/row elements (incl. line breaking), when I try to scroll down, applying the overflow fix from dev_temp.
    Sorry guys, I can not fix this myself.
    Ich habe eher eine "Hass-Beziehung" zu diesem Frontend-Stuff.

  • @Thomas-Heiss they probably have lots of stuff to fix, like payment options and scheduling algorithm (just to name a few), so you probably should help yourself.

    It only takes in Firefox to open the History tab, press RMB and select "Inspect element". Than in appeared window to adjust selection to proper element and add attribute overflow:


  • Forgot to add @Ave, sorry 🙂

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