why maximum is 4000 and isn't 5000 on unlimited?

it is anounced that the new lingvist unlimited will only include 4000 words. and now for example there are 4400 levels in Russian (thats around 4400-4500 words). so, what will happen to that 5000 words vision? these words will just disappear?



Probably a typing error, because every language newsletter is different (e.g Portuguese vs English).

I asked this (your) question according to the received Lingvist's Portuguese newsletter (announcing 5000 instead of 4000 words) 16 days ago: https://lingvist.com/forum/topic/810/your-3000-words-cutting-announcement-with-lingvist-free

Hey guys, this is simply because some of our language pairs have 4000 cards to play through as of right now (German and Spanish for example) while others are 5000+. We are working on extending German and Spanish.

@Lisa-Lingvist When will German be expanded? I've been working toward the goal of 5000 words for a couple of months now, and just bought a quarterly-paid registration for the premium version with the idea that I could reach 5000, only to discover after a few days that it only goes to 3941. Reading the subscription section of my account details I now see that it says "up to 4000". This was my mistake not check the terms more carefullly, but should have been explicitly addressed that you haven't created enough cards yet. Something like "We know we've given you a goal of 5000, but for now we don't have that many" because when you're practicing every single day, watching the progress bar get closer to the goal of 5000, you kind of assume that the app allows you to reach that goal.

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